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Pokémon artist leaves community speechless with the reimagining of Brock’s gym



Pokémon artist leaves community speechless with the reimagining of Brock's gym

Despite being released two decades ago, Pokémon fans still adore the Game Boy’s Pokémon Red and Blue. So it’s not uncommon for Kanto to be one of the most beloved regions in the Game Freak franchise, even eight generations later.

Well, this time around, a talented artist, who is a Pokemon fan and digital designer named Matthieu Normand has gone viral on the r / Pokemon subreddit after sharing his incredible reimagining of the Rock-type Gym in Silver City.

Did you think he was alone? (This time there is a real twist), ”wrote the artist as a caption for the concept. The clip shows the camera panning through the familiar 8-bit location before warping into a 3D side view. Here it is:

As you can see, the concept shows that the wall behind Brock is actually his Onix, which wraps around his trainer. While this is not canon, it hasn’t stopped it from leaving the community speechless.

This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

This surprise has hit my guts with joy and amazement. My inner child would love to see something like this in a movie.

Omg I can’t stop watching this now. Hopefully we have a game in the future where a concept like this is used.

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