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Pokémon Legends: Arceus: How to make money fast



Pokémon Legends: Arceus: How to make money fast

Pokemon Legends Arceus completely changes the way you make money. In the older Pokemon games, it was easy to make money through trainer battles. Not to mention that if you had the Amulet Coin and VS Seeker, you could easily earn money through repeated battles. But with the game’s new formula, the way you earn Pokedollars has changed as well. So in this guide, we are going to look at how to farm and get money quickly in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Best methods to make money fast in Pokemon Legends Arceus

  • Catch Pokemon and Report to the Professor: This might not be the easiest method on this list, but it’s helpful in a number of ways. Since you are already exploring to complete the main story. All you have to do is grab as many Pokeballs as you can and catch every single Pokemon you encounter along the way. Once you run out of Pokeballs, go and talk to Professor Laventon. He will make a report and give you XP and money for catching the Pokemon. Not only will you get a lot of money, but you’ll also get a lot of XP to help you progress through the story.
  • Crafting and Selling Items: As you explore the open world, you will collect a lot of raw materials such as wood, shards, stardust, and more. While you can sell them directly, crafting and then selling them can bring you a bigger profit. Below are the recommended items to craft and sell.
    • Star Piece: Before you can craft it, you must purchase the recipe to make it, which costs 10,000 Pokedollars. You can get it from the recipe vendor. The following materials are required to craft a Star Piece.
      • Red Shards: 3 (1 sells for 150 Pokedollars)
      • Blue Shards: 3 (1 sells for 150 Pokedollars)
      • Green Shards: 3 (1 sells for 150 Pokedollars)
      • Stardust: 1 (sold for 1000 Pokedollars)
    • Pokeshi Doll: You can craft a Pokeshi out of 3 sticks. A single wood sells for 200 pokedollars, but a pokeshi doll for 1000 pokedollars. A simple win of 400 Pokedollars.
  • You can also sell any other item in your inventory that you feel is no longer useful to you.

We’ll save the best method for last.

  • Farm Alpha Roserade: This method requires you to have access to the Crimson Swamp region. You should also defeat the Noble Pokemon of this region to be able to fast travel to the Brava Arena.
    • Fast travel to the Brava Arena.
    • Go to the alpha Pokemon Roserade and challenge it.
    • Once the fight starts, eliminate it and it should give you either a Big XP Candy or a Sand Dust Mastery Seed. You can sell a Mastery Seed for 3000 pokedollars and a Big XP Candy for 4500 pokedollars.
    • Go to the beginning of the area.
    • Next fast travel back to Jubilife Village.
    • This will reset the Roserade so you can challenge it repeatedly.
    • Once you are happy with the number of XP candies and seed of mastery, you can sell them.
    • The most recommended Pokemon types to challenge Roserade are Fire, Psychic, Flying, and Ice.

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