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Pokémon Legends: Arceus: Ranks and research points



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Pokémon Legends: Arceus replaces the usual badge structure with Research Points to accumulate to climb the ranks of the Galaxy Group. And even if ranks are necessary to advance, you don’t necessarily earn enough points to avoid having to farm. This article explains how they work and especially how to earn as much as possible as quickly as possible.

How do I earn Research Points in Pokémon Legends Arceus?

Research points are earned through Pokédex tasks found on the second tab of each Pokémon’s page. The tasks depend on each Pokémon, you may be asked to capture them, fight them, make them a certain ability…

Each task does not earn as many points. A normal task allows you to obtain 10 research points and a task with a red icon on the side brings in 20. Be aware that the levels do not change anything, you earn the same amount for each level.

It should also be noted that when you reach level 10 of a Pokédex page, Professor Lavender rewards you with 100 bonus research points. No need to do all the tasks, it’s Pokémon’s research-level that matters. And even when it’s maxed out, tasks continue to earn you points.

How to earn a maximum of research points as quickly as possible?

To optimize your points gain as much as possible, you must use the red tasks and the level 10 bonus. The strategy, therefore, consists in concentrating on the pages which are not yet at the maximum level by only doing the red tasks since they earn more and raise the level faster.

Generally speaking, catching Pokémon is always a task with the red icon, so catching is always profitable. Evolving the Pokémon is also a red task (even if there are few levels). Evolution increases the number of specimens caught for the creature’s new form, so combining the two can earn as many points as four normal tasks.

Look all the same regularly where you are on the page of Pokédex so as not to continue on a page already level 10 or on a task that has no more levels.

Why earn research points?

The most basic answer is that you can’t advance in Pokémon Legends Arceus if you don’t put in the effort to earn Research Points. Indeed, it is the ranks that unlock the main missions of the game and therefore also the new areas to explore.

In addition, they allow you to control Pokémon to a certain level but also to use Poké Balls and increasingly effective healing items. Not to mention that the rank also has an influence on the money pocketed at the end of each expedition. So better rank = better salary.

Rank Rewards

1 Star Member

  • Total research points needed: 500
  • Maximum level of Pokémon controlled: 20
  • Area Unlocked: Obsidian Plains
  • New items:
    • Mass Ball
    • Recall

2 Star Member

  • Total research points needed: 1,500
  • Maximum level of Pokémon controlled: 30
  • Area Unlocked: Crimson Swamp
  • New items:
    • Feather Ball
    • Great Potion

3 Star Member

  • Total research points needed: 3,500
  • Maximum level of Pokémon controlled: 40
  • Area Unlocked: Lazuli Coast
  • New items:
    • Super Ball

4 Star Member

  • Total research points needed: 6,000
  • Maximum level of Pokémon controlled: 50
  • Area unlocked: Crowned Foothills
  • New items:
    • Megamass Ball
    • Hyper Potion

5 Star Member

  • Total research points needed: 8 ???
  • Maximum level of Pokémon controlled: 65
  • Area unlocked: Pristine Lands
  • New object:
    • Flight Ball

6 Star Member

  • Total research points needed: 11,000
  • Maximum level of Pokémon controlled: 80
  • New items:
    • Hyper Ball
    • Max Potion

7 Star Member

  • Total research points needed: 15,000
  • Maximum level of Pokémon controlled: 100
  • New object:
    • Gigamass Ball

8 Star Member

  • Total research points needed: ???
  • New items:
    • Propelled Ball
    • Healing

9 Star Member

  • Total research points needed: 30,000
  • Reward Items:
    • 20 Effort Stones
    • 10 Super Candies

Stellar Member

  • Total research points needed: 50,000
  • Reward item:
    • ???

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