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Pokemon Legends: Catch & Defeat Arceus



Pokemon Legends: Catch & Defeat Arceus

You can only catch the eponymous Pokémon Arceus very late in the game. We’ll tell you all the requirements and where you can find Arceus.

When can I catch Arceus?

The Mythical Pokémon Arceus, which gives its name to the current Pokémon game, can only be caught very late in the game. In order to even encounter Arceus, you must have completed the main story and filled your Hisui Pokédex with all 240 Pokémon in the game. However, it is enough if you have caught the Pokémon once, you do not have to completely complete all Pokédex entries.

Where can I find Arceus?

Once you’ve completed the main story and caught all 240 Pokémon, head to Professor Laventon, who will direct you to the Sinnoh Temple in northwest Crater Mountain Highlands.

Go to the top platform there and play the Azure Flute, Arceus will appear and the final boss fight in the game will begin.

Tips for fighting Arceus

Arceus can change its type in battle, so it’s best to take Pokemon with as few weaknesses as possible. For example, Hisui Zoroark only has a weakness to Dark-type attacks, making it very good for this boss fight.

Basically, always keep moving and dodge Arceus’ meteors, the shock waves, and his laser beams – these attacks announce themselves in good time so that you can get to safety with a dodge roll.

Occasionally it also happens that Arceus multiplies. Once the ground starts glowing blue or pink, look for the Arceus that the ground isn’t glowing around and run towards him in the circle. If you stay on the blue or pink ground, you will take damage.

When Arceus has four glowing blue or pink balls around it and it’s charging up, you can start a Pokémon battle by discarding Arceus four times. If you win the Pokémon battle against Arceus, it will be immobilized for quite a while, giving you time to damage it at leisure.

Once you’ve defeated Arceus, the Mythical Pokémon will automatically join your team.

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