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Dying Light 2- Find bow and get the blueprint for arrows



Dying Light 2- Find bow and get the blueprint for arrows

There are no traditional guns in Dying Light 2: Stay Human, but you can find a bow and use it to silently take down enemies from afar. So you get a bow and can make arrows.

Guaranteed to get a bow

Bows and arrows are most effective against human enemies. Zombies are a little better at putting away the arrows in the eye, which is why you can only use the old-fashioned gun to a limited extent here. If you want to be guaranteed a bow, all you have to do is follow the story. As part of the main quest, you get to the south of Old Villedor and reach the second part of the city, the central ring, via detours.

If you complete the main quest, you will receive a so-called Rohr-Bogen as a reward. You will also get the designs for arrows that you can craft yourself in the future. Have you noticed? The bow has no durability, so it won’t break when you use it.

Bow not in inventory? Here’s how to bring him back!

It wasn’t until late that I realized that despite completing this main quest, I couldn’t access any bows in my inventory. This was because all my inventory slots were occupied and the bow just didn’t fit in the backpack anymore.

If this is the case with you, you should go to a place where you can rest – a bed symbol shows you this function. Next to the sleeping place, you will find a bag that you can use to access your hiding place. The bow and all other weapons that don’t fit into your inventory for space reasons end up here.

Buy an upgraded Sport Bow in Dying Light 2

When you reach player to rank 3 by improving your combat and Parcours skills, you can purchase a sporting bow from vendors that does more damage per arrow. The sports bow is an artifact weapon that is very rare and can be recognized by its yellow color.

The offers at merchants, whether survivors or peacekeepers are constantly changing. It is therefore by no means guaranteed that a retailer will sell a sports bow. So be sure to visit various retailers frequently until an improved bow is available.

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