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Dying Light 2 Stay Human – Things to know before playing



Dying Light 2 Stay Human - Things to know before playing

Before playing Dying Light 2, we leave you with a series of tips and tricks that will make it easier for you to face this zombie RPG that takes place in an open world.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is one of the most anticipated games of the year. But before starting to play we leave you with a series of tips and tricks that will help you achieve

We have already offered you an analysis of Dying Light 2 Stay Human to tell you everything that the RPG developed by Techland has to offer. But before you start playing we leave you the things that we would have liked to know before starting.

This will surely make Aiden Caldwell’s adventure in Harran easier and allow him to dominate the city in a short time. And you will discover elements that you could have overlooked in your first games.

You can safely read these Dying Light 2 preview tips because we have not included any spoilers about the story or about the decisions that alter the plot and even the game map. Here we leave you the first minutes of the game in a comparison PS5 vs PC.

Play in performance, quality or resolution mode

If we play in the “next-gen” version of Dying Light 2, on PS5 or Xbox Series X we can choose between different graphic modes. The fidelity mode bets on a native 4K resolution, although the game moves at 30 FPS.

In performance mode, the resolution is dynamic, but the game moves at a rate of 60 FPS (even more if we have a 120 Hz monitor). In quality mode, we can enjoy Ray Tracing lighting effects.

In other games, this option depends on the player’s preferences, but in this case, we have observed that the gaming experience changes radically depending on the graphics modes. Which option is correct?

At least in the initial version of the game, it is best to play in performance mode, with an FPS rate that makes development much more fluid.

Which faction to help: Peacekeepers or Survivors

Every time we liberate a water tower, power station, or one of Harran’s camps, we can assign it to one of the factions that control the city. Each of the factions gives us specific advantages (in addition to altering the appearance of the city and the behavior of the NPCs with us).

The Peacekeepers faction rewards are vehicle traps, stationary blade cannons installed in some locations, electric traps, a semi-automatic crossbow for Aiden, lanterns with fire traps, pendulum traps, and UV light traps.

The surviving faction rewards consist of additional zip lines, airbags to jump to higher areas, inflatable bags that cushion the fall, the possibility that the survivors resurrect us, more air vents to use the paraglider, improved airbags, and zip lines of two addresses.

Supporting one or the other faction depends on whether we prefer the more offensive style of the peacekeepers (which is a way to get more rewards) or bet on movement speed with the survivors.

Inhibitors to improve health or resistance

When we collect three inhibitors, we can inject them to improve Aiden’s health or resistance. Although it may seem like a difficult choice, in reality, the choice is clear.

In the beginning, the first 4 or 5 levels, it is better to increase the resistance, since this allows us to avoid confrontations against the infected and will give us access to more mills, for example, with which to gain experience quickly.

Whether we improve Aiden’s health or improve resistance, this affects immunity, that is, while we can go into the dark or be exposed to chemicals.

Inhibitors are found in dark corners or anomaly zones. There are also special containers at power plants. They are one of the most powerful resources in the game.

Master melee

Dying Light 2 builds on the mechanics of the first game, such as combat with bladed weapons and parkour movements. In terms of confrontations, it introduces the possibility that enemies “learn” our movements, and therefore be able to dodge them.

There is no point in repeating the same attacks over and over again. The best? Without a doubt, the move that gives us the most advantage is the perfect parry and dodge, which leaves enemies discovered for a moment

To do this we have to block at the last moment (in fast attacks) or dodge with strong attacks, which cannot be stopped.

We can also execute strong attacks by leaving our movement charged for a few seconds before releasing the blow. And in the combat skill tree, we unlock new and better attacks.

The best weapon in the game

We have already finished the main story (and a few secondary ones) of Dying Light 2 and in our experience, we have found an ultimate weapon. It is a distance weapon that allows us to control several enemies.

We need to get a bow, and the recipe to build electrifying arrows. This type of ammunition deals area damage to all enemies that are together, through an electrical beam. Not only does it do damage, but it stuns them for an instant.

While the enemies are stunned we can finish them off with a melee weapon, or wait for more infected to accumulate in the area so that our next arrow does even more damage.

To create electrifying arrows we need scrap, feathers, and wiring. They are fairly easy to find resources in-game locations and can be purchased from almost every shop and workshop.

Buy and create

We have already anticipated the importance of some types of ammunition. It is worth buying all the supplies available in each store and always goes loaded with arrows (and bolts if you have the crossbow).

In general, pens, scrap, and wiring are cheap, and we may need them later. The stock of the stores is seen renewing every time we return to the locations in the course of a new mission.

Activate corridor hideouts

If Aiden is defeated, he will respawn at the nearest runner’s hideout, so unlocking these respawn points makes our task much easier. They are marked as a question mark on the map and are unlocked by starting a generator.

Hideouts have UV lights, so they are a safe haven to avoid night chases and to restore your immunity level.

Return to the site of the massacre

If we have found an area with an accumulation of infected, such as dark corners or supply convoys, we can use area weapons (electric arrows, explosives, or Molotov cocktails) and dedicate ourselves to looting the caches.

Over time the corpses disappear, but in their place, we will find packages with supplies and objects that they would have left, without the need to search the bodies one by one. Remember to return to the places where there have been major clashes.

More experience and rewards at night

It is true that the most dangerous infected come out at night, and that the groups are much more numerous, but they also allow you to obtain more rewards. At night we find howlers and elusive ones that leave unique trophies.

Also, experience gained in parkour and combat is higher at night. Simply going “for a walk” will help us unlock new tree abilities faster.

Finish missions before the epilogue

Dying Light 2 tells us when we are going to start the last mission. Although after finishing it we can return to the open world and continue enjoying epilogue missions, it is better (or at least easier) to do it before.

The reason is simple, the difficulty adjusts to our level once we have finished it so that our character will no longer make as many differences as during the story, which has a predefined level.

However, the epilogue is perfect to enjoy the multiplayer mode, online for 4 simultaneous players. And it is convenient that we have reached this point to enjoy the new missions that Techland has prepared for the coming months.

This roadmap includes free DLC based on factions and a new series of challenges and anomalies intended for the first few months. The first story expansion will arrive in June.

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