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Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Best combat skills to unlock first



Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Best combat skills to unlock first

We offer you what we consider to be the best combat skills for Dying Light 2 Stay Human and that you should unlock first to have great success in your games.

In order to get rid of all those zombies that want to hunt us down in our games of Dying Light 2 Stay Human, we must not only use the best parkour skills to avoid the terrain, but also have the best combat skills to face them.

And while most of the combat skills can be unlocked by acquiring the necessary experience, it is convenient that you first unlock a series of skills that are much more advisable, and we want to give you our recommendation.

So in this guide, we offer you the best combat skills for Dying Light 2 Stay Human that you can unlock first for your games, and that will allow us to be really fearsome for all those zombies that try to catch us.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human: best combat skills to unlock first

These are the first combat skills you should unlock:

Perfect dodge

Thanks to this ability, it will allow us to face powerful zombies face to face since it allows us to dodge, but at the same time stagger, an enemy simultaneously to later be able to attack him.

Perfect lock

As its name suggests, it allows us to block the enemy’s attack but at the same time stagger it so that we can perform a much more powerful subsequent attack, thus triggering a slow-motion effect.

Power attack

With this ability, we can hit each of the enemies much harder, thus inflicting more damage and killing even some less powerful zombies with a single blow. In addition, these attacks also make the enemy stagger so that we can counterattack.


Thanks to this ability we are allowed to instantly eliminate enemies from behind with a knife, thus playing with stealth or trying to attack the most powerful first and then go for the weakest.


Thanks to this attack ability, we are allowed to spin our weapon in a circle to eliminate any opponent that tries to surround us.

So if you are surrounded by several zombies, it is a good idea to use this ability so that you can damage everyone around you before it is too late.

In any case, depending on the way you play, it could be convenient for you to unlock other attack skills beforehand, but we consider that the previous ones are the most effective to unlock first.

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