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Let no safe in Dying Light 2 resist you: How to open them easily



Let no safe in Dying Light 2 resist you: How to open them easily

The gigantic mapping of Dying Light 2 has a good handful of secrets to discover, and the safes are one of them. Normally, you would find clues in the surrounding area, although many times time is against you (especially if you have enough enemies in the area and you do not want to expose yourself to being killed).

However, there is a fairly simple method to avoid having to waste time looking for notes on the map. However, this method only works with controllers, and if you play with computer peripherals (mouse and keyboard, go) it won’t work for you. Remember that you also have an article to get all the endings and decisions of the game.

How to open the safes with a simple method in Dying Light 2

Basically, you are going to use the vibration of the controller to know what the correct combination is. The process is not too mysterious, and you just have to take into account the following factors:

  • Turn the safe’s wheel VERY slowly. When you get to the correct number, the controller will vibrate.
  • Keep in mind that the number 50 ALWAYS vibrates. If no other number matches, then you can tell by default that it is that number.
  • This is a fairly slow process, so don’t be in too much of a hurry. Even if the exteriors are full of enemies, clear the area near the safe and take your time to figure out the combination.

This cheat works for any safe in the game, and cannot be done with a keyboard and mouse for one simple reason: they don’t vibrate. If you prefer not to “cheat” remember that you can always look for the note from the safe nearby (they are usually quite hidden) and thus take it out as the game wants.

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