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Dying Light 2 – Night Runners (kill or spare Hakon)



Dying Light 2 - Night Runners (kill or spare Hakon)

If you helped Hakon in the “Revolution” mission, the night runner will ask you to meet him. There will be a fight, because whatever dialogue option you choose, you will not miss the fight. After some time it will turn out that the former companion is alive. When Lawan enters the church, you can:

  • Let her kill Hakon. You will block the good ending, because Lawan will feel bad about it, and Hakon himself will not save her in the last main mission.
  • By saving Hakon, Lawan will be able to become a night runner and will leave the city together with Aiden, if the latter chooses a good ending in the last mission – Lawan is saved in it by Hakon.

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