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Dying Light 2 – Dialogues, how not to omit optional issues?



Dying Light 2 - Dialogues, how not to omit optional issues?

Dying Light 2 has many RPG elements, one of which is dialogues. In most of them, we only watch conversations, but in longer, more complex conversations, a circle of conversations appears on the screen.

You will usually find two dialogue lines there, but there are situations when there are more of them. You must remember that only the one marked with orange-gold (usually on the left side of the dialogue wheel) in color pushes the conversation forward. If you choose the option with the white text you can be sure that you will ask your interlocutor for additional details and then return to the main topic.

Occasionally, however, the dialogue wheel will only contain the essentials, accompanied by a fork sign and a swaying screen. Then also bear in mind the fact that you are faced with a greater or lesser choice, depending on how the further conversation will go. Let me remind you that the most important choices are described in a separate section of the guide.

Later in the game, you will also come across dialogues with a time limit. Keep your hand on the mouse all the time, as some dialogs are only available for a few seconds. If you do not make any decisions, you may regret it, as the inhabitants of Villedor will not hear what you think about the subject and will make their own choice.

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