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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Cortondo Gym – Walkthrough



Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Cortondo Gym – Walkthrough

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet contain a number of Gyms in which you have to discover and pass their tests to beat the Gym Leader to get the rewards. Gyms are also the main quests in the Victory Road of both Scarlet and Violet versions of the game. As you completed the Prologue of the game, you’d want to look for the Gyms. The first Gym that you want to look for is Cortondo Gym because it is one of the starting levels gyms

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can complete the Cortondo Gym in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Cortondo Gym Location

Cortondo Gym is in the South Province (Area Two) and you can easily reach there by heading in the west direction from the Pokemon Center in Mesagoza. Once you get to the South Province (Area Two), you just need to follow the path to reach Cortondo city. If you are coming from the western gate of the South Province (Area Two), you’ll enter Cortondo City from its East Gate.

Cortondo Gym Location

Once you are inside the city, you need to locate the Cortondo Gym building. As you enter the city, you need to go straight down the road and you’ll see the gym on the left side of the road. The Building has a Poke Ball sign on the front. Go inside the building and you’ll meet Nemona. Nemona will tell you about the Gyms and how Gyms organize different tests for the challengers. Nemona will tell you to talk with the person at the reception to know about the Gym test.

Passing Cortondo Gym Test

Talk to the receptionist and he’ll tell you about the Gym Tests and the Gym Test that you have to pass is the Olive Roll. After talking to the receptionist, you’ll come out of the Gym and you need to go to the Gym Test Location. Go straight down the road in the city and as you cross the city, turn right and go straight. You’ll see an NPC saying try the Olive Roll here.

Interact with the NPC to start the Gym Test. In the Olive Roll test, you just need to roll the Olive to the goal post which is the Red Basket on the left side. You have to roll the Olive to the basket and avoid the obstacles and NPCs in the area. Don’t push the Olive toward the people or the ramps. There is no time limit or penalties so you can just push it lightly around the fences and put it in the basket to pass the test.

Defeating Cortondo Gym Leader (Katy)

After passing the test, you need to report back to the Gym. Go back to the Cortondo Gym Building and interact with the Receptionist to challenge the Gym Leader. Now, you’ll be taken to the battle area where you’ll fight the Gym Leader Katy, the Sugarbug. Katy has three Pokemons that she’ll use in the fight and all of them are given down below.

  • Nymble – Level 14
  • Tarountula – Level 14
  • Teddirusa – Level 15

All of these Pokemons are the Bug-Type and in order to defeat all of them, you can use the Fire-Type, Rock-Type, and Fighting-Type Pokemons. All of these types of Pokemons will deal a decent amount of damage to Bug-Type Pokemons. You can use Fuecoco, Bonsly, and Riolu as your Pokemons in this battle to easily defeat the Gym Leader.

Once you’ve defeated the Gym Leader, you’ll get the Bug Badge and the TM021 Pounce as a reward. The first Gym in the Victory Road Path is done and now, you can get to the next ones.

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