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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to Catch Growlithe



Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to Catch Growlithe

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have many Pokemon spread out in all throughout the Pokemon World that players can catch as they progress through the game and increase their Pokemon Levels. Players can easily catch up to Level 20 Pokemon in the early game by catching some lower-level Pokemon and then making their way up to level 20 Pokemon. Players would have to get these levels of Pokemon to challenge the Gym Leaders in the Victory Road Path. One of the Pokemon that you can get early in the game is Growlithe which is very powerful and would easily defeat the first two Gym Leaders.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you catch Growlithe in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.


Growlithe is a Puppy pokemon which is basically a Fire-Type Pokemon. You’ll get the Fire-Type Pokemon early in the game named Fuecoco which will only be level 5 so if you want to have a higher level of Fire-Type Pokemon then this is the next Pokemon that you should want to catch. Growlithe is a level 17 Pokemon that can be found out in the wild.

Location of Growlithe

Growlithe is not a Rare Pokemon so you would be able to see him very often in his spawn areas. He doesn’t have a specific liking thing in the area so you can pretty much find it hanging out in the wild or just walking in the grass. To get the exact location of Growlithe, players will get the Pokedex app on their character’s phone during the Prologue of the game. After completing the Prologue, players can go through the list of Pokemon and find Growlithe and all of its information on the app to see its location on the map.

Location of Growlithe

Growlithe lives on the Eastern side of the Paldea region. You’ll have to travel to the Eastern side to one of the Gyms in Artazon City. Growlithe can be found near the Pokemon Center in Artazon City. You’ll be able to find Growlithe in the highlighted areas of the map in the Pokedex app.

Catching Growlithe

Growlithe is a Fire-Type Pokemon so if you have lightning or fighting-type Pokemon then we suggest you take those Pokemon to catch Growlithe. If you have reached the Pokemon Center in Artazon city then you can just head west from there and you’ll reach one of the areas where you can find Growlithe. You’ll be able to spot him easily and if you don’t happen to find him then just keep going in the area on your mount until it is highlighted on your Mini-map.

Once you have located Growlithe, interact with him to engage him in a fight and when you faint him, just throw the Poke Ball to catch Growlithe and add him to your Pokemon Army.

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