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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to Pass Cascarrafa Gym Test



Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to Pass Cascarrafa Gym Test

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have different play paths that players have to complete in order to complete the game. One of the early paths that players will progress through is the Victory Road Path and in this path, Players have to take on different Gym Leaders. Every Gym has a specific Gym Test that players have to pass and then players would be able to challenge the Gym Leader. One of the Gym Tests that players have to pass is to make the winning bid at the Auction.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete Medali Gym Test in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Passing Cascarrafa Gym Test

Cascarrafa is one of the major cities located in the western region of Paldea and when you make your way to Cascarrafa, you will also get to take part in one of the Gyms. Cascarrafa also has a Gym Building and after talking to the receptionist, you will get to take part in the Gym Test of Cascarrafa before you get to battle the Gym Leader.

The NPC will give you Kofu’s Wallet who is the Gym Leader of Cascarrafa. Kofu has an addiction to bidding in the Auction and he has left his wallet in the Gym Building. The NPC will ask you to give the Wallet to Kofu before he starts the bidding. You need to go to Porto Marinada which is a small city located all the way to the west of Paldea. Porto Marinada has a small marketplace where only the auction of rare items takes place.

When you reach Porto Marinada and go into the city, a cutscene will play in which Kofu will ask Hugo to find his wallet before the auction start. Hugo will taunt us and when you are about to tell him that you have Kofu’s wallet, he will challenge you to battle. Hugo will use a Water-Type Pokemon named Floatzel. It is a 28-level pokemon and you can easily defeat it with one of your Electric-Type Pokemon. Win the Battle and Kofu will come to the battle where you will get to talk with Kofu and give him his wallet back.

While the conversation is still going, Kofu will hear that the auction is about to start and Kofu will tell us that since you want to fight him, he will only fight us if we place the highest bid at the auction. He will give us 50,000 Poke Coins for the auction and then we will cut to the Auction.

Placing the bid is very simple, you just have to place the highest amount of Poke Coins than the rest of the bidders. The bidding would be for Hoenn’s Legendary Wakame Seaweed and it will start from 10,000 Poke Coins. You just need to select the highest amount than the other bidders until they back off from the bidding. When both of the competitors back off from the bidding and you remain the highest bidder, the Gym Test will be passed. The Bidding will stop at 45,000 to 50,000 Poke Coins so make sure to spend money like crazy on Seaweed for Kofu.

After winning the bid, Kofu will appreciate you and take Seaweed from you and then tell you to that he will see you at Cascarrafa Gym Battle.

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