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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to Unlock 7-Star Tera Raid Battles



Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to Unlock 7-Star Tera Raid Battles

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have different types of Battles in which players can engage and earn different rewards of rarity. The players who have explored Paldea will know that they can do Tera Raid Battles in which they get to battle high-level Pokemon. Tera Raid Battles are of different levels as well. There are 7 levels in Tera Raid Battles and in the early game, players will only get to battle in 4-Star Tera Raid Battles. The other three levels can be unlocked later and the most challenging Tera Raid Battle is 7-Star.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock 7-Star Tera Raid Battles in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Unlocking 7-Star Tera Raid Battles

The 7-Star Tera Raid Battles is the last difficulty level and it is the most challenging battle in the game yet, that tests all the skills of the players. However, these Tera Raid Battles are not available from the start of the game and it requires certain requirements to unlock. Since it is the last level of Tera Raid Battles, you will only be able to unlock it once you have unlocked 5-star and 6-star Tera Raid Battles.

Now, the 5-Star Tera Raid Battles are unlocked after winning certain 4-Star Tera Raid Battles and the professor will call you to tell you about the Black Crystals which are the 5,6, and 7 Star-Tera Raid Battles crystals. You will get to take part in 5-Star Tera Raid Battles by interacting with the Black Crystals but after ending the game and going through the credits, you will unlock 6-star Tera Raid Battles which also have the same logo on the map.

After unlocking 5 & 6-Stars Tera Raid Battles, you will have to take part in different end-game tournaments and then wait for the official events of the Pokemon game which can be seen in the Poke Portal in-game. If you look there, you will get to see different events which actually are the 7-Star Tera Raid Battles. Right Now, there is a dragon Event going on in which players can challenge Charizard in 7-Star Tera Raid Battles. 7-Star Tera Raid Battle can be accessed by interacting with the Black Crystal but to recognize it completely, you will see rainbow colors on the crystal when you are about to interact.

7-Star Tera Raid Battles are only available for the events and players can only join in the battle by taking part in the event. There is not any other way to take part in 7-Star Tera Raid Battles yet, they might add the Raid Battles in the future updates.

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