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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to Evolve Hatenna



Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to Evolve Hatenna

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have evolvement mechanics in the game that will let players evolve their caught Pokemon into a new shape, increasing their size, moves, and level. One of the Pokemon that players can evolve by increasing its level is Hatenna.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can evolve Hatenna into all of its available forms in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.


Hatenna is a Psychic-Type Pokemon that is one of the Calm Pokemon in the game but it is also very effective in dealing decent damage to enemies in battle. However, it’s a small Pokemon and the starting level of Hatenna is 19. Hatenna lives near the Ponds and there are a lot of Ponds in the South areas of Paldea. It is a small Pokemon so, it can hide pretty easily so just roam around until it pops up on your mini-map and then you will be able to engage him in a battle. Since Hatenna has mostly Psychic attacks, you can use any Lightning Type Pokemon to deal great damage to him and when his HP gets low, you will be able to catch him with the Poke Ball.

Hatenna Evolving Forms

Hatenna can be evolved into two different forms and players can evolve it by leveling Hatenna up. Hatenna can be levelled up by gaining Experience Points and you can gain XP by battling with Hatenna, interacting with Hatenna, washing Hatenna, and giving him the XP Candies. You can do all of these methods to earn Experience Points for Hatenna and when he reaches the required level, he will evolve into new form. The forms that Hatenna can evolve into are the following.


Hatenna will evolve into Hatterm once you have leveled up Hatenna to 32 Level. You can increase its level by battling with him against other Pokemon Trainers, Gym Leaders, Raid Battles, or normal Pokemon engagement. You can also wash him by starting the picnic. When you interact with him, you will be able to wash him that also give XP. If you have obtained XP Candies from Tera Raid Battles or by exploring then you can use them as well. You just need to select the amount of XP Candies that you want to use and then select Hatenna to give him the Candies. It will give XP to Hatenna which will increase its level. When it reaches the required level of evolvement, Hattena will evolve into Hatterm.


After evolving Hattena into Hatterm, you just need to repeat the process of increasing the level. Use any method that you find more effective or easy and once Hatterm has reached 42 Level, it will evolve into Hatterene.

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