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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Where to Get Bronzor Fragments



Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Where to Get Bronzor Fragments

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have many different materials and all of them have their own use, one of the main materials that you’ll be getting for your Pokémon is Bronzor Fragments. Bronzor Fragments can only be found in the Wild.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find the Bronzor Fragments in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Bronzor Fragments

Bronzor Fragments are the TM materials that are used to make a technical machine for the Pokémon to learn new moves. These Bronzor Fragments will specifically be used to enhance or evolve your caught Pokémon but keep in mind that Bronzor Fragments are only available in the Scarlet Version of the game. If you are playing the Violet version then you’ll have to gather Sinistea Chips for your Pokémon. Both of the versions have some differences so make sure that you are looking for the items that are relevant to your game version.

Finding Bronzor Fragments

Bronzor Fragments are dropped by the specific Pokémon when you attack them with your caught Pokémon. You can attack any wandering Pokémon but it’ll not drop the required material that you are looking for so, most of the materials have their own spawn areas where you want to search for them. The area that you want to search for Bronzor Fragments is in the Asado Desert. You need to go to the Ruins in the Asado Desert to look for the Bronzor Fragments.

Finding Bronzor Fragments

Open up the map to look for the ruins in the Asado Desert and you’ll see the small rocks or buildings which are the ruins on the map. Go to the location and then you need to look for the Yellow Pokémon which are Bronzors. Use your Pokémon to attack Bronzor Pokémon to gather the Bronzor Fragments. You can come in the daytime as well as in the nighttime because there is no specific time for these Bronzor to spawn so you can come here at any time and farm numbers of Bronzor Fragments.

Where to Use the Bronzor Fragments

Bronzor Fragments are used for trade with an NPC in the game. You can find the NPC in the Zapapico area of the map. Go inside the area from the West entrance and then you can find the NPC near the fountain. The NPC will trade different technical machines of Pokémon and trading the machines will evolve your corresponding Pokémon.

As you level up your Pokémon, you’ll have to increase their stat as well as evolve them to deal more damage in the main battles of the game.

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