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Portal Revolution: How to Solve Chapter 4 Chamber 14 Puzzle



Portal: Revolution - Chapter 4 Chamber 14

Getting past the all-new test chambers of a new fan-made mode of Portal 2, Portal: Revolution will often put players in a confusing state due to difficult test chambers. These new test chambers will test players in 8 Chapters and almost through halfway the game, players will reach the Chamber 14 of Chapter 4: The Diversion. It is one of the most difficult test chambers in the mode and a lot of players are having problems solving it.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to solve the Chapter 4 Chamber 14 puzzle in Portal: Revolution.

How to Solve Chapter 4 Chamber 14 Puzzle in Portal: Revolution

Chapter 4’s test chamber 14 requires players to place the block on the red button to unlock the exit door. The Red Button is located on the other end of the chamber 14 area and the button to drop down the block is located in the middle of the area. To complete the test chamber 14, follow the following steps.

  • Upon reaching the test Chamber 14 area, place both of the portals on the white walls located at the top of the level.
  • Move ahead to the platform to get pushed ahead through your placed portals to reach the middle of the chamber area with the block button.
  • Interact with the button to drop down the block right on the platform and it will be delivered to you through the same portals.
  • Pick up the block and drop down from the platform to find a power breaker. Interact with it to turn off the power of the chamber 14.
  • Now, open a portal right beside the chamber 14 signboard at the start of the level and open the other portal on the white wall left side of the power breaker.
  • Take the block, go through the portal, and place it on the pusher platform.
  • Come back through the portal, go to the right side, and open a portal on the tilted white wall beside the glass wall.
  • Now, go and turn the power back on to push the block through the portal and into the button area.
  • Place a portal again at the start of the level and the other one on the first tilted white wall.
  • Go through the portal to reach the pusher platform and then go on it to get pushed ahead towards the wall. Place the portal quickly before hitting the wall to reach the button area.
  • Lastly, place the block on the button to power the exit door.

Once you have powered the exit door, go through it to reach a staircase. Go along the staircase to reach a room with broken windows. Place a portal on the wall outside of the window and then open another portal inside a room to get across.

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