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Project Zomboid Basics Guide: Tips to Get Started



Project Zomboid Basics Guide: Tips to Get Started

Project Zomboid is one of the most complete (and complicated) zombie survival games on the market, and in this basic guide, you will find several tips to get off to a good start. Whether you already have some experience or are a complete newbie, here you will find a good handful of information that may be useful to you.

There are a number of key points when it comes to focusing on your first games, and here you will find guidelines to improve little by little.

Tips to get started in Project Zomboid: a basic guide

There is no shame in easy mode

It is important that you keep this in mind in your first games: easy mode is not any kind of defeat. Learning the basic mechanics of the game is very important when it comes to knowing how to approach each game and situation, and the higher difficulty modes can be a problem in this regard.

Our recommendation is that you start at this level of difficulty, and as you look looser, increase it. Ideally, in your first 3-4 games you use the easy mode so that situations and enemies give you some court, so now you know.

Traits and penalties

There’s a lot to keep in mind when it comes to traits and penalties, and these things can ruin or save your game:

  • Traits such as Agoraphobia or Claustrophobia disappear over time, while others such as obesity can be removed with proper nutrition.
  • In your first few games, the ” Lucky ” trait will come in handy (better luck in dealing with situations).
  • Always consider whether you are interested in getting soft penalties (as a smoker) to get more points for your character.


Experience is one of the key points of the game, and knowing how to get it and take advantage of it will be key:

  • Take advantage of the first 9 days to watch ALL TV shows of the Life and Living channel. There are a total of 3 programs (from 06:00 to 11:59, from 12:00 to 17:59 and from 18:00 to 24:00), and all 3 will interest you enough to get a LOT of free experience. As of the 10th day, they will no longer be available.
  • Raise the mechanics to level 2 and the Electricity to level 1 to be able to make bridges to the cars, something VERY important. The profession of thief helps a lot to this. If you want maximum security and you don’t have the car keys, break the passenger window and get in there: zombies won’t be able to bite you if you’re in the driver’s seat.
  • Until you improve your resistance, try not to face groups of more than 3 zombies , being the ideal to kill them one by one or two by two. When you have raised this attribute high enough, you will be able to kill more groups of zombies at the same time if you have the right weapons.

Water, food and nutrition

The best advice you can get regarding water is that, when planning the construction of your “definitive” base, do it near a source of water, such as a river. Get yourself a few garbage bags if you want to create a rainwater collector – you’ll appreciate it later.

For food, you have to know that caloric requirement and hunger are two different things, and they do not have to go hand in hand. The best thing you can do is try to keep your character between 75 and 85 kilos to avoid weight penalties, and thus keep it in the best possible range.

Cooking will be vital for your character to be happy and well-fed

By cooking food, they bring more happiness. If you have something that is not fresh (but is not rotten) make a soup out of it.


We start this section with a fairly clear and direct message regarding firearms: FLEE from them. Although their effectiveness is clear (as long as you increase that attribute in skill), they make a noise of a thousand demons and are going to attract a veritable horde of zombies. The only one that is worthwhile despite the obvious risks is the shotgun, which hits like a truck and probably attracts a million zombies from the surrounding area.

The best thing you can do in the first levels is to get some stones and sticks to create makeshift spears. These spears can only hold 2-3 zombies, but they hit pretty hard and will make you kill them fast. Remember that you will catch the aggravation of a zombie as long as it sees you, so keep that in mind when leaving their vision to give them a slip.

The fastest and most effective strategy for lone zombies is to push them to the ground and blow their heads out. Remember to point the mouse to the head (enlarge the pointing cursor in the options). If you plan to take advantage of the clothing and equipment of the zombies, use hitting weapons (such as baseball bats), since edged weapons (such as axes or machetes) will destroy their clothes.

Last tips

Here you will find a wide range of useful information that can save your game (and your life):

  • ALWAYS look out the window before entering a room. This way you will avoid quite unpleasant surprises.
  • Climb fences to escape the zombies and quickly lose the agro.
  • Try to sleep and stay rested as much as possible. To alleviate fatigue, you can eat (yes, eat) coffee or take vitamins.
  • Use the Z to quickly change your position in the seats of a car . Try not to run over everything in front of you or you will blow up the car VERY fast. If you need to rest and there are not many zombies around, park your car against a wall and sleep on the side against the wall.
  • Do you remember the tip to make bridges in cars ? Well, we remind you again. It’s very important.
  • The electricity and water will eventually turning off automatically, so you have to make generators and water supplies ahead of the future (cuidadito with carbon dioxide generators, if you put them indoors will kill you).
  • When exiting and entering buildings, ALWAYS try to use doors or windows that are not broken . Jumping out of a broken window is VERY likely to cut yourself, causing an injury that will be a long-term problem.

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