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List of achievements and trophies for Remnant: From the Ashes



List of achievements and trophies for Remnant: From the Ashes

For completionists, achievements and trophies are a big part of the hobby, and a title like a Remnant: From the Ashes couldn’t fall short of these. Today we have to see a list of all the trophies and how to get them.

Given the nature of the game, which has several expansions, I have made three lists: one of the base game and another two with the achievements and trophies of the DLC.

List of achievements and trophies for Remnant: From the Ashes

FROM THE ASHESGet all the trophies.Platinum
FIRE IN THE SKYDefeat Arsonist.Silver
BEWARE OF THE TOTEMS!Defeat Father Totem.Silver
THE WOLF OF THE WOODSDefeat the Shatter.Silver
IMMORTAL, YOU SAID?Defeat the Immortal King.Silver
THE MASTER OF THE KEYSDefeat the Keeper.Silver
DARK DAWNDefeat the DreamerGold
UNTOUCHABLEDefeat a world boss in offline mode without taking any damageBronze
THEY WEREN’T THAT SPECIALDefeat 100 special enemiesGold
THIS HAS JUST BEGUN!Acquire your first attributeBronze
GOOD STARTAcquire 10 attributesBronze
ATTRIBUTES TO HAND OUT!Acquire 20 attributesBronze
UNLEASH YOUR POTENTIALAcquire 30 attributesSilver
EQUIPMENT COLLECTORAcquire 5 full armorBronze
EQUIPMENT LOVERAcquire 10 full armorSilver
A DIFFICULT CHOICEUpgrade your first weaponBronze
YOU GO IN THE MIDDLEUpgrade any weapon up to +10Bronze
GO TO THE LIMITUpgrade any weapon up to +20Silver
STRAIGHT TO THE HEARTReturn the Swamp Guardian’s heart to the Immortal KingBronze
MOD COLLECTORAcquire 5 weapon modsBronze
MOD LOVERAcquire 15 weapon modsSilver
ATTRIBUTES FOR BEGINNERSUpgrade any attribute up to 10Silver
ATTRIBUTES FOR EXPERTSUpgrade any attribute to 20Silver
WHAT FOR SOME IS JUNK …Acquire 50,000 pieces of scrapBronze
SCRAP COLLECTORAcquire 100,000 pieces of scrapBronze
SCRAP COLLECTORAcquire 200,000 pieces of scrapSilver
TAKE ACTIONCraft a weapon using material from a boss you have beatenSilver
WHAT A BOSSUpgrade a boss’s weapon to +5Gold
THIS CLOCK…Get the Mud Tooth pocket watchBronze
THE HEART OF A DRAGONUpgrade the Dragon HeartBronze
WHAT LITTLE FORTUNEGive the coin back to AceBronze
TREASUREGive Reggie the ring backBronze
FADE TO WHITEActivate the Dimension Stone in Hall 13Bronze
YOU ARE WELL?Find the Kindred MotherBronze
WHAT IS THE LABYRINTH?Find the Labyrinth GuardianBronze
DEATH DOES NOT SUIT HIM SO WELLFind the Immortal KingBronze
LIKE A MOTH IN THE LIGHTFind the Queen of the SwampBronze
CHANGING OF THE GUARDFind the rebel leader of the PanBronze
THE FOUNDERFind Andrew FordBronze

Swamps of Corsus DLC Achievements and Trophies List

THE FALL OF THE ISKALDefeat the Queen of IskalGold
SURVIVORDefeat 5 bosses in a row in Survival modeBronze
DOMINANTDefeat 10 bosses in a row in Survival modeSilver
IN FASHION!Purchase 15 armor skinsBronze
FASHION IS A DANGERPurchase 40 armor skinsSilver

DLC Subject 2923 Achievement and Trophy List

NEMESISDefeat the final bossGold
OTHER VOICESListen to all the recordings of the main baseBronze
A GIRL IN THE SNOWTravel to ReisumSilver
TOUGH NEGOTIATIONMake a deal with SebumSilver
CLOSEDVisit the basement of the farmSilver

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