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Where to find and how to get all the armor sets in Remnant: From the Ashes



Where to find and how to get all the armor sets in Remnant: From the Ashes

When it comes to facing the enemies of Remnant: From the Ashes, you will not only need powerful weapons but also sets of armor that you can find in the game. Today we are going to see where they are and how to get them.

Keep in mind that some of them are exclusive to the DLC, so if you have taken the game without its expansion, you will not be able to get these sets.

Where to find and how to get all the armor sets in Remnant: From the Ashes

TRAVELERReduces the use of stamina.On Earth, in the Founder’s Hideout, you will find a bookcase that you can break open to reveal a secret passageway. The helmet, on the other hand, will spawn randomly on Earth.
SEEKERPicking up items will take less damage, but will also increase what you do for 60 seconds.In Reisum, deactivate the trap that you will find inside a cave and you will be able to get the set.
SCRAP DEALERIncrease the damage done to enemies by 5 meters around you.Buy it from Rigs on Earth.
LETOReduces damage taken and grants more defense even with less health. Plus, it reduces wobble.On Earth, in Leto’s Laboratory, you will find a room with a teleporter and a computer. Use the computer, turn off Leto’s algorithm and use the teleporter several times until being sent to a secret room.
WARLORDYou won’t be able to heal yourself with dragon hearts, but using them will increase your damage and give you the ability to heal yourself by hitting.In the DLC, talking to Sebo in Reisum, he will ask you to take down the Warlord. Once that is done, you will get your set.
LABYRINTHDeals 50% more damage to your modifier.In Corsus, you must find Queen Iskal and visit the towers with the Cryptolith Sigil that she has given you. With that, you will be able to reach the area where the Labyrinth set is.
ANCESTRALHeal teammates within 15 meters of you.In Yaesha. Complete the Martyr’s Shrine event.
CARAPACEEvery 15 seconds without taking damage in combat, increase your defense.You need to get the Hardened Carapace item from the swamps of Corsus and give it to Mar’gosh.
EMPTYTaking damage increases the damage you deal for 20 seconds.In Rhom, complete the puzzle outside the Monolith crystal area. From the entrance and looking at the glass, the solution is: right, right, right, forward, right, back, right, back, left and left.
BONEHitting the same enemy multiple times in a row increases your damage.Buy it from Wud in Rhom.
BANDITPossibility of recovering a spent bullet when shooting.On Earth, in Muddy Fang, you must find a pocket watch to give to Brabus.
HUNTERIncreases the damage done to enemies that are more than 15 meters away.Buy it from Rigs on Earth.
RADIANTCritical hits increase chance and critical damage for 2 seconds.The Bib and Leggings can be purchased from the Yaesha Merchant. For the helmet, you can find it in the Guardian’s Shrine. 
AKARIDodging enemy attacks gives increased attack speed and 100% crit for 5 seconds.On Rhom, in the Herald’s Chamber dungeon. You need to collect 3 glowing bars, one of which will appear in the dungeon, while the others are random in Rhom.
TWISTEDWhen your life is maxed out, you will be able to do more damage until you are hit.On Earth, you can create it after completing the Shrine of the Root event.
SECTCritical hits give you more modifier duration.Buy it from Rigs on Earth.
ADVENTUROUSIncreases the chance of getting rewards for breaking objects.Buy it from Rigs on Earth.

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