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Where and how to get all the amulets in Remnant: From the Ashes



Where and how to get all the amulets in Remnant: From the Ashes

We may have already seen where and how to get all the armor, weapons, and traits in Remnant: From the Ashes, but charms are also a very important part of the title, so today we are going to review this huge list.

As usual, in addition to the location of the objects, you also have a brief explanation of their effect to be able to plan your own builds.

Where and how to get all the Remnant from the Ashes amulets

ABRASIVE CHARMDoubles the application of the corroded effect. Melee charged attacks cause the corroded effect.Random drop on Corsus.
AMULET OF THE STORMIncreases Concussion Damage by 15%. Weapon mods that deal Concussion damage deal an additional 10%.Random drop on Yaesha.
LETO’S AMULETReduces armor overweight by 40% and stamina cost by 15%.On Earth, in the Sunken Passage and Corrupted Well dungeons, you can find a wall with graffiti that says “Only the penitent man can pass.” If you duck, you can continue on your way and find the amulet.
HOLSTER AMULETIncreases rate of fire by 15% and reload speed by 20%.Random drop on Earth.
HEALER’S AMULETDragon Hearts heal all allies with an effectiveness of 100% of base value. Increases healing effectiveness by 50%.Buy it from Wud in Rhom.
GALENIC AMULETIncrease weapon mod damage by 25%.Random drop on Rhom.
SPIRITUAL ANCHORIncreases the duration of summons by 100% and the wearer’s melee and ranged damage by 6.25% per summoned minion.Complete the Alzados event in Yaesha.
FINDER’S TRINKETIncrease the amount of scrap collected by 50%.Solve the Altar of Doe puzzle in Yaesha.
NIGHTMARE SPIRALRanged hits absorb 6% of base damage dealt in the form of health. Reduces the healing efficiency of consumables by 95%.Defeat the Nightmare in hardcore mode.
TWISTED IDOLIncreases armor effectiveness by 30% and reduces Overweight by 15.Destroy the evil tree in the Wailing Forest.
VENGEFUL IDOLIncreases all damage dealt by 30% when the wearer’s health falls below 50%.Random drop on Yaesha.
PURIFYING JEWELDragon Hearts remove all status effects from all allies. The carrier’s stack of status effects is reduced by 50%.Random drop on Rhom.
BRUTAL BRANDAfter 60 seconds of being equipped, all damage done to enemies below 50% health is increased by 25%.Random drop on Corsus.
PREDATOR MARKReduces the sound of firearms by 25%. Increase movement speed by 20% and decrease enemy perception range by 15% while in a crouched position.Random drop on Yaesha.
BUTCHER OBSESSIONGrants 15% critical chance and 25% critical damage for 10 seconds when hitting an enemy with a charged melee attack.Random drop on Corsus.
POCKET WATCHIncreases stamina regeneration by 20 per second and reduces stamina cost by 20%.Listen to all the stories of Mudtooth on Earth for him to give it to you.
RADIOACTIVE EMBERSIncreases Radiation Damage by 15% and transforms Basic Melee Weapons from Physics and Elementals, dealing Radiation Damage.Random drop on Rhom.
TORMENT ROCKGrants 10% movement speed and 15% reload speed for every 25% maximum health missing.Random drop on Corsus.
TALISMAN OF ANIMOSITYIncreases damage on weak points by 30%. Weak Spot kills increase all damage by 10% for 10 seconds.Random drop on Rhom.
EPICITY AMULETModifier energy generation increased by 15%. When attacking an enemy with an active status effect, the energy mod is increased by an additional 30%.In Corsus, kill the red beetles that can appear there.
DAREDEVIL’S AMULETIncreases all damage done by 30% for each unequipped armor piece. Increases damage taken by 15%.Kill 75 bosses in total in survival mode.
RUSTY AMULETReduces stamina cost by 80%, but increases Armor Overweight by 25.You will find it in the Fetid Pools of Corsus.
BLESSED NECKLACEWhen assisted by a Dragon Heart, damage taken is reduced by 30% for 10 seconds.Save Mother Krall’s baby in Reisum.
BARBED WIRE NECKLACEDamage dealt with Bleed increased by 50%. Melee and ranged damage dealt to Bleeding enemies is increased by 15%.Random drop in Reisum.
CHARCOAL NECKLACEIncreases fire damage of any type by 15% and burning damage by 50%.Random drop in Reisum.
HEART OF DARKNESSIncreases ranged damage and melee damage dealt by 20%. Damage taken is increased by 50% for 30 seconds after using a Dragon Heart.If you approach one of the acid pools in the Fetid Pools with the Rusty Charm equipped, it will turn into a key. Once in your possession, you can unlock 5 extra doors in the dungeon, one behind which you will find the Heart of Darkness.
VULCAN DETONATORIncrease explosion damage by 25%. The explosions apply burning.In Reisum, you must complete the Warning Totems event. To do this, destroy them, but first raise them all up to get the amulet.
MARGIN OF TERRORMelee hits absorb 1.5% of base damage dealt in the form of health. Gain an additional 1.5% Life Soak for every 25% of your missing health. At full health, you take 20% melee damage.Random drop on Earth.
ONYX PENDULUMDealing firearm damage adds stacks that increase the damage of the stored firearm by 2.5%. Lasts 15 seconds. Stacks 10 times.Complete both campaigns in Hardcore mode.
POLISHED WHETSTONEIncreases critical chance by 15% and critical damage by 35% when attacking an enemy that is bleeding.Random drop in Reisum.
DRIFT STONEDuplicate the freeze app.Random drop in Reisum.
SOUVENIR OF EXECUTIONERIncreases damage to weak points by an additional 50% for 10 seconds after killing an enemy.On Earth, survive the siege of the barn.
WHITE ROSEIncreases all damage done by 25% for each unequipped firearm.Defeat all survival mode bosses twice.
BLACK ROSEThe wearer’s chest armor set bonus is increased by 1 piece. It will not exceed the 3-piece armor set bonus.Kill 100 bosses in total in survival mode.
TALISMAN OF PERSEVERANCEIncreases experience gained from killing an enemy by 1% and lasts until the wearer dies, removes the amulet, or rests at a control point. Can stack up to 50 times.Kill 50 bosses in total in survival mode.
SHATTERED VERTEBRAEIncreases ranged damage by 10%. Increases critical chance by 2% and critical damage by 5% when dealing non-critical damage with a firearmComplete Reisum’s campaign in Hardcore mode.

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