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How and where to get all the rings in Remnant: From the Ashes



How and where to get all the rings in Remnant: From the Ashes

To finish talking about the equipment you can get in Remnant: From the Ashes, we can’t forget about the rings! There are many, but, luckily, here is a complete guide of where to find them and how to get them.

This time, I have taken the liberty of dividing the list into two. One contains the rings from the base game, while the other contains the DLC.

Guide how and where to get all the rings in Remnant: From the Ashes

PROVISIONING RINGStored firearms are gradually reloaded.On Earth, defeat the Ent or The Singe in hardcore mode.
SOUVENIR RINGAmmo gained from pickup is increased by 25% for each ally who also wears this ring and is shared with other allies.Use the High Five emote anywhere with another player.
CASTOR RINGIncreases melee speed by 10%, but reduces rate of fire by 15%.While wearing the Ring of Pollux, melee damage is increased by 10%, evasion speed by 15%, and overweight is reduced by 25.Random drop on Earth.
HUNTER RINGIncreases ranged damage by 10% and weak point damage by 20%.Random drop on Yaesha.
CIRCUMVENTION RINGPerfectly dodging enemy attacks returns 50 stamina and reduces stamina cost by 100% for 10 seconds.Random drop on Rhom.
EVASION RINGModerately increases Evasion Margin and Evasion Speed ​​by 10%.Random drop on Earth.
EZLAN RINGIncreases health by 25 and health regeneration by 0.476 per second.Random drop on Rhom.
FORCE RINGCharged melee attacks increase melee damage by 5% for 10 seconds. Can be stacked 4 times.Random drop on Rhom.
IMPOSTOR RINGIncreases evasion speed by 25% and movement speed by 15% for 10 seconds after sliding.Random drop on Rhom.
RING OF SHADOWSReduces the range of enemy perception by 25%. Increases damage against non-aggressive enemies by 15%.Random drop on Yaesha.
MOTHER RINGReduces ranged damage taken by 20%.Random drop on Earth.
HOLSTER RINGIncreases firearm change speed by 50% and rate of fire by 10%.Random drop on Earth.
POLLUX RINGIncreases melee damage by 15%, but reduces ranged damage by 15%.Wearing the Ring of Castor, melee damage is increased by 10%, evasion speed by 15%, and overweight is reduced by 25.Random drop on Earth.
SUPREMACY RINGIncreases all damage done by the wearer by 20% after being at full health for at least 10 seconds.In hardcore mode, defeat Father Totem or the Ravager.
ADMIRAL RINGIncreases damage taken by 300%. Increases all damage done by 15%.At Base 13, buy it from Reggie.
GUARDIAN RINGReduces melee damage taken by 20%.Buy it from the merchant in Yaesha.You can also kill her to get the ring without having to pay for it.
MAZE RINGIncrease resistance to all elemental damage by 20.Random drop on Yaesha.
AGGRESSOR’S SCOURGEReduces damage taken by 15%, but also increases enemy aggression towards the wearer and enemy perception range by 200%.Random drop on Earth.
AKARI WARBANDPerfectly dodging enemy attacks increases Crit Chance by 15% and Critical Damage by 15% for 20 seconds.Defeat The Harrow or Claviger on Rhom in hardcore mode.
DEVOURING LOOPCritical hits have a 5% chance to deal 4x damage.Random drop on Corsus.
ENHANCER LOOPIncreases ranged damage by 25%, but reduces rate of fire by 10%.Defeat the Ixillis in hardcore mode.
BURDEN OF THE FOOLISHDeactivate the healing of Dragon Hearts. Perfectly dodging enemy attacks will regenerate 5% of the wearer’s maximum health per second for 5 seconds.Random drop on Rhom.
GAMBLER’S CHARGEDeactivate the damage bonus on weak points. Increases Critical Chance by 15% and Critical Damage by 25%.Random drop on Earth.
DEVOTEE’S BURDENReduces all damage dealt by the wearer by 15%. Grants 50% self heals to allies.Random drop on Corsus.
FOLLOWER LOADReduces rate of fire by 35%. Increases modifier’s energy generation by 100%.Random drop on Yaesha.
STONE COLUMNReduces recoil by 30% and weapon swing by 60%. Increases speed when aiming standing up by 50%.Random drop on Earth.
WOLF HEARTIncreases maximum resistance by 25 and movement speed by 10%.Solve the bell puzzle next to the Pied Piper Faun in Yaesha.
RESTRAINING CORDPrevents the wearer from healing more than 50% of maximum health and reduces damage taken by 15%.Random drop on Yaesha.
DISHEARTENINGProvides 100% critical chance against non-aggressive enemies and increases critical damage by 20%.Random drop on Earth.
ROOT HEADBANDIncreases melee speed by 15%.On Earth, during the Root Cult event, it will be given to you by the Cultist as long as you don’t do anything to make it aggressive.You must avoid attacking the roots that you find in the area, or it will attack you.
RESERVE HEADBANDIncrease the maximum ammo reserve of all firearms by 50%.Random drop on Earth.
BRAIDED THORNSIncreases critical chance by 10%. Grants an additional 10% for 10 seconds after taking down an enemy.On Earth, you get it by defeating the Cultist of the Root Cult.
HEALING FOUNTAINIncreases health regeneration by 0.668 per second and the effectiveness of all heals by 15%.Random drop on Corsus.
HUNTER HALOIncreases the effective range of all firearms by 6 meters.Random drop on Rhom.
JEWEL OF THE BLACK SUNIncreases ranged damage by 7% for 20 seconds after killing with a ranged attack. Can be stacked 3 times.You can buy it from Wud on Rhom.
PEARL OF LUMINESCENCEThe wielder has a 70% chance of doubling the amount of Lumenite Crystal when killing Elite enemies.Random drop on Yaesha.
PEARL OF HASTEIncreases the speed at which consumables are used by 40%. After using a consumable, increase reload speed by 20% and weapon change speed by 25% for 15 seconds.You can find him in Yaesha’s Forgotten Undercroft dungeon.
BALANCE STONEIncreases melee and ranged damage by 12%.Random drop on Yaesha.
SPIRIT STONEIncreases modifier energy generation by 25% and weapon mod damage by 10%.Random drop on Yaesha.
GRAVITATIONAL STONEIncreases all damage by 20% when there are at least 2 enemies within 10 meters of the wearer.Random drop on Rhom.
WISE STONEExperience gained increased by 30%.Random drop on Earth.
SHARPENED STONEMelee charged attacks produce the bleed effect, dealing 600 damage over 20 seconds.Random drop on Corsus.
LEECH EMBERSMelee hits absorb 5% of base damage dealt in the form of health.Random drop on Rhom.
TALISMAN OF COMPULSIONIncreases movement speed by 20%, rate of fire by 15%, and melee attack speed by 10% for 7 seconds after killing an enemy.Random drop on Rhom.

Guide on how and where to get all the rings in Remnant: From the Ashes DLC

SHINY STEEL RINGGrants the wearer the fastest evasion wheel no matter how overweight their armor is.Defeat all survival mode world bosses twice.
FLAWLESS BEAUTY RINGRanged damage on weak points increased by 40%. Reduce ranged damage by 20% if you miss a weak spot.Buy 100 items in survival mode.
FINDER RINGCollecting Junk, Iron, and Ammo regenerates 3% of maximum health and increases melee and ranged damage by 10% for 30 seconds.Buy it from Mother Krall in Reisum.
ISKAL HUNTER’S RINGReduces spread by 40%.In Corsus, defeat the scarabs that appear in the temple.
FIVE FINGER RINGIncreases damage by 50%, critical damage by 25%, and critical chance by 20% when melee combat without weapons.Random drop in rural areas of the Earth.
DISAGREEMENT RINGReduces the speed at which consumables are used by 15%. Dragon Hearts heal the wearer for 125 health over 30 seconds.Buy it from Sebum in Reisum.
PRISMATIC DIAMOND RINGElemental damage increased by 10%.In Reisum, after completing the Siege event.
BLACK CAT RINGWhen taking mortal damage, instead of dying, the wearer’s health will be reduced to 1 and movement speed will be increased by 25% for 10 seconds. It has a 2 minute cooldown.Defeat all normal bosses in survival mode twice.
HERO RINGIncreases movement speed by 25% when running towards an injured teammate. Revival speed is increased by 100%, and the wielder becomes immune to stagger while reviving the partner.In Corsus, get the Rusty Amulet, get into one of the acid pools in the Fetid Pools to turn it into a key. With that key, you can open several doors of the dungeon, one behind which you will find the ring.
HONOR RINGIncreases Health by 10 and Stamina by 10, and reduces Armor Overweight by 10.In the Prime Base, you will find a secret room. To access it, reach a dead end by going up some stairs. There you will see a hole through which you can shoot to destroy the lock of the room and enter.
MANTIS RINGIncreases rate of fire by 15% and critical damage by 20% when the wearer stops moving for at least 1 second.In Corsus, defeat the scarabs that appear in the temple.
SYNERGY RINGIncrease teamwork effect by 10% and revive speed by 11% for each ally who is also wearing this ring.Buy it from Sebum in Reisum.
TITAN RINGAfter sprinting for 2 seconds, damage taken is reduced by 10%, movement speed increased by 15%, size level decreased by 1, and the wearer will perform the best evasion.In Reisum, defeat the Warning Totems by alerting some, but not all.
CUTTING EDGE RINGCharged melee attacks reduce damage taken and dealt by 4% and increase enemy aggression towards the wearer for 15 seconds. Can be stacked 5 times.In rural areas of the Earth, you can find it in the basement of the farm.
PUNISHER’S RINGIncreases damage to enemies suffering from status effects. Each unique state that affects them increases all damage by 5%.Defeat Brudvaak and Vargr in Reisum while playing Hardcore.
IMPURE RINGUnarmed melee attacks deal 2x damage. Large tumbles deal 4x damage.Help Queen Iskal poison the Elf in Corsus.
BODYBREAKER RINGIncreases melee back damage by 30%.Random drop in rural areas of the Earth.
WARLORD’S CHARGEReduces the effective range of all firearms by 50%. Increases all damage done by 15%.Random drop in Reisum.
SNAKE FANGIncreases melee charge damage by 20%.Random drop in Reisum.
GLOOMY SPIRALReloading a weapon after dealing at least 40% of base damage with a single magazine increases damage by 7% for 20 seconds. Stacks 3 times.Buy it from the Swamp Elf in Corsus.
VOLATILE GEMDragon Hearts explode dealing 200 melee damage and dealing 100% stagger damage to enemies within 5 yards. You gain 200% damage based on your equipment score.Random drop in Reisum.
BLOODBATH INSIGNIABleeding effects caused by the wearer will steal 10% of the damage dealt to return it to the wearer as health.In Reisum, during the Warning Totems event. You find it on a corpse at the end of the dungeon.
ALCHEMIST’S JEWELIncreases the armor’s effectiveness by 50%, but also increases its overweight by 25.Random drop in rural areas of the Earth.
AMBER MOONSTONEWhen the bearer’s health is reduced by 25%, they gain 25% damage reduction and immunity to status effects.Give Clementine the Janitor’s Watch.
ISKAL’S GIFTGenerates modifier energy slowly over time, but reduces the wearer’s healing effectiveness by 15%.Defeat Mar’Gosh in Corsus.
SPIRITUAL EMBERSSummoned health is reduced by 60%. When killed, it will explode, dealing 150 plus 15 damage per weapon level in a 4 meter radius. Typically, Summons that explode will deal an additional 25% damage.In Corsus, destroy all Hanging Pods in the Circlet Hatchery event.
SWORDSMAN STAMPGain a stack every 20 seconds up to a maximum of 3 stacks. Charged melee attacks spend a stack and reload 15% of the bearer’s ammo capacity for both firearms.In Reisum, during the Creepers Peepers event, kill only the Emin with the false eye inside a cage.
EVOKER’S SEALReturns 15% of modifier energy on use.Destroy all of Reisum’s Warning Totems without alerting them.
TALISMAN OF PROSPERITYThe metallic materials that are collected are doubled.Defeat 25 bosses in survival mode (can be done in multiple attempts).
SPIRITUAL BONDSummons will absorb 10% of the damage dealt to return it to the wearer as health.In Rhom, you can find him in a cave that appears near the Cryptolith.
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