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How to get all Traits in Remnant: From the Ashes



How to get all Traits in Remnant: From the Ashes

In addition to weapons, armor, and mods, another of the essential elements of Remnant: From the Ashes are the Traits. These passive skills are crucial when it comes to succeeding against the dangers of this game and we will see how they are achieved.

Note that, unlike items, there are several Traits that do not need to meet a quest condition or win X battles, but will depend on the way you play.

How to get all Traits in Remnant: From the Ashes

As usual, we are going to see not only how these Traits are achieved, but also their effects.

VIGORIncreases health.It is achieved by default when starting a new game.
ENDURANCEIncrease stamina.It is achieved by default when starting a new game.
SPIRITModifier power generation increased.Former Sect Follower archetype trait. It can also be obtained by opening the shelter with the Monkey Key in the Field of Sorrow on Earth.
SCALERJump speed increased.Awarded for jumping 50 times.
SHADOW WALKERReduces the range of enemy perception.Hunter archetype trait. It can also be acquired by entering the Hunter’s Lair on Earth.
ANCESTRAL KNOWLEDGEIncrease the experience gained from killing enemies.You learn to listen to the recorder on base 13.
MOTHER’S BLESSINGRanged damage reduction increased.It is acquired by saving the Root Mother in the Church of Earth.
FAST HANDSIncrease reload speed.Acquired by killing Burn or Ent on Earth.
GUARDIAN’S BLESSINGIncreases resistance to elemental damage, stacking, and status effects.It is acquired when entering the labyrinth for the first time.
WORLD TRAVELERReduces the cost of stamina when sprinting and dodging.Acquired when traveling to the world of Rhom for the first time.
VACCINEReduces the speed of the stack of status effects.Awarded for healing 25 status effects using consumables.
TEAMWORKExtends the range of the team’s bonus, increasing modifier energy generation and experience gained from killing enemies, and reducing damage taken by 5% when in close proximity to teammates. The team bonus is boosted when multiple teammates are in range.It is acquired by playing in a multiplayer session.
TORTURERIncreases the duration of status effects when applied to enemies.Obtained from applying 100 status effects to enemies.
ARMOR PIERCERIncreases the damage done to the armored parts of enemies.Awarded for getting 100 kills with explosion damage.
SUMMONERSummons damage increased.Awarded when summons have killed 100 enemies.
RECOVERYStamina regeneration increased.Acquired by killing The Claw or the Keeper in Rhom.
KILL KINGSCritical hit damage increased.Acquired by killing the Immortal King on Rhom.
EXPLOITATIVEIncreases damage on weak points.Acquired by killing 150 enemies by shooting at their weak point.
GLUTTONYIncreases the speed at which consumables are used.It is acquired by killing the Impure in Corsus.
SEEKERIncrease the amount of scrap collected.It is acquired by giving the Delustrated Ring to Reggie.
ARCANE ATTACKIncreases modifier energy generation from melee hits.Acquired by killing Father Totem or Raider in Yaesha.
MANEUVERABILITYReduces spread and recoil.It is acquired by owning 10 firearms.
CATALYSTIncreases the chance of producing status effects on enemies.Acquired by killing Gangrene or Captive in Corsus.
PREACHERIncrease speed to revive.Acquired by reviving a wounded teammate 10 times.
EXECUTORCritical hit chance increased.Acquired by killing the last Ixillis on Corsus.
MIND’S EYERanged damage increased.Acquired by killing Nightmare at Base 17.
VITAL WILLIncreases health when injured.Acquired when your teammates revive you 10 times.
CORTEXIncreases the effectiveness of armor.It is acquired by speaking to the Wailing Forest while wearing the Twisted Mask on Earth.
WARRIORIncrease melee damageScrapper archetypal trait. It can also be obtained by surviving the siege in the Land of the Tale of Two Liz.
SPEEDMovement speed increased.It is acquired by playing the Song of the Guardian in the bells of Yaesha.
LIGHTNING LAUNCHERIncrease the casting speed of weapon modifiers.Awarded for getting 25 basic weapon mods.
COLD AS ICEIncreases the damage dealt to enemies when attacking them from a distance and melee from the rear.Awarded for killing teammates after speaking to Brabus in a multiplayer session.
FAST ATTACKIncrease melee speed.Acquired by upgrading a melee weapon to level 20.
DEMOLITION MANDamage per explosion increased.Awarded for getting 100 explosion damage kills.
EASY TRIGGERIncrease the rate of fire.Acquired by upgrading a firearm to level 20.
DISTRUSTReduces damage taken from friendly fire.It is acquired when your companions hurt you 10 times.
POWERFUL CHARGERIncreases the damage of charged melee attacks.Awarded for killing Brudvaak, the Horseman in Reisum.
WISDOMElemental damage increased.Awarded for destroying the last Heart of the Root in the main base.
LAST RESOURCEIncreases all damage dealt when health falls below 15%.Awarded for killing Harsgaard at the Main Base.
SIPHONIncreases the speed of health steal.Obtained from rescuing Baby Krall in Reisum.
PRESTIDIGITATIONIncrease firearm change speed.Acquired by killing 100 enemies with 10 different firearms.
BLOOD TIEIncreases the damage that summons absorb when the summoner receives it.Awarded for activating the second cryptorium.
EVOCATIONIncrease the damage of weapon mods.Awarded for killing all Wisps in Corsus’s Tiara Hatchery without taking damage.
FOOTWORKAiming speed increases.Awarded for killing the Queen of Iskal in Corsus.
FORTIFICATIONReduce damage taken while reviving.It is acquired by obtaining the Ring of the Hero in the Fetid Pools of Corsus.
CONCENTRATIONWeapon modifier duration increased.Awarded for activating the first Cryptolyte.
POWERIncreases the life of consumables.Acquired by poisoning the Graveyard Elf Stew with the Vial of the Iskal parasite in Corsus.
LUMINESCENTIncreases the chance to double the amount of Lumenite Crystal obtained from killing Elite enemies.It is acquired by giving the Opalescent Heart to the Brain Bug in Corsus.
TRIAGEIncreases healing efficiency.Awarded for surviving the Siege of the Fight with the rebels of Yaesha.

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