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Where to find and how to get all the weapons in Remnant: From the Ashes



Where to find and how to get all the weapons in Remnant: From the Ashes

One of the most important things about Remnant: From the Ashes is its weapons, so knowing where to find them and how to get them is very important.

I have separated the weapons into categories, so you can search for pistols, long-barreled weapons, and melee weapons to have everything in order.

Where to find and how to get all the weapons in Remnant: From the Ashes

REPEATING REVOLVERGunPistol you start with.
MAGNUM REVOLVERGunOn Earth, find the Strange Coin that appears randomly on Earth. Give it to Ace and he will give you the revolver in return.
HIVE CANNONGunIn Corsus, defeat Ixillus by doing the following: Kill one, leave the other alive, wait for him to get angry and fire a laser beam at you, then defeat him.
SPITS FIREGunOn Earth, defeat Boss Singe without shooting his tail.
CURSE OF THE JUNGLE GODGunIn Yaesha, defeat the Ravager as normal, without ringing the bells.
CORRUPTERGunIn Rhom, defeat the Harrow without ripping the harpoon from its back.
HUNTING REVOLVERGunOn Earth, complete the Hunter’s Hideout quest in the Hidden Grotto.
MACHINE GUNGunGo to the key to Hall 13 to get the Fuse. Put it in its box, turn on the lights, open the door that was closed, go back, turn the lights off again and go left on your new path.
ISKAL PRIDEGunKill Queen Iskal in Corsus.
DOUBLE SHOTGunIn Reisum, within the DLC Subject 2923, you will be able to find a random event with a statue that is missing an eye. Give it back and a door will open for you to get Double Shot.
SUBMACHINE GUNGunOn the Prime Base, again inside the Subject 2923 DLC, there is a computer that asks you for a password. Enter 241351 and a door will open for you to get your weapon.
CROPPEDGunAgain, in Reisum, you have to buy it from the merchant on the ship.
HUNTING RIFLELong-barreled weaponYou can buy it from Rigs on Earth.
PARTICLE ACCELERATORLong-barreled weaponOnce you reach Rhom, defeat the Claviger boss without letting him absorb any enemies.
CROSSBOWLong-barreled weaponIn Corsus, give the Heart of the Guardian to the Elf Queen.
DEVASTATINGLong-barreled weaponDefeat The Impure One in Corsus.
SHOTGUNLong-barreled weaponYou can buy it from Rigs on Earth.
DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUNLong-barreled weaponYou can buy it from Rigs on Earth.
SPORE EXPLOSIONLong-barreled weaponDefeat the Ent on Earth. Of course, be careful not to break any of the legs.
CHICAGO TYPEWRITERLong-barreled weaponOn Earth, when you get to the event of the two Liz, you must not let either die.
EYE OF THE STORMLong-barreled weaponIn Yaesha, you must take down the boss Totem Father. Before entering his fight, you will see a totem outside his arena. Do it until it turns blue and proceed with the combat.
REPELLENTLong-barreled weaponIn Hall 17, you must end the Nightmare.
ASSAULT RIFLELong-barreled weaponOn Earth, you must go to the Field of Sorrow and get the Monkey Key. Once you proceed with the dungeon, you will find a door that you can open to get the weapon.
SNIPER RIFLELong-barreled weaponGo to Church on Earth. Protect the Root Mother and follow the path to her left.
LIGHT RIFLELong-barreled weaponIn Rhom you must complete the Lost Gate dungeon.
BOUNCE RIFLELong-barreled weaponIn Yaesha, go to the Forgotten Crypt dungeon and defeat its final boss.
RUINLong-barreled weaponOn Rhom, refuse to collaborate with the Immortal King and defeat him in combat.
FUSION RIFLELong-barreled weaponIn the DLC Subject 2923. You have to kill his final boss.
ALTERNATORLong-barreled weaponAgain, in the DLC Subject 2923, in Reisum. You have to kill Brudvaak in the Crimson Cellar.
SCAR OF THE JUNGLE GODMelee weaponIn Yaesha, finish off Boss The Ravager by solving the Nanny puzzle. You should ring the bells in the following order (from left to right): 5-2-5-2-1-3-4-2.
HEARTBREAKINGMelee weaponIn Rhom, collaborate with the Immortal King.
THE LOST HARPOONMelee weaponIn Rhom, defeat the Harrow by ripping a harpoon out of it. To do this, shoot his legs until he falls to the ground and interacts with his back.
RECYCLED SWORDMelee weaponYou can buy it from Rigs.
SCYTHEMelee weaponBuy it from the Elf Queen.
GUARDIAN AXMelee weaponIn Corsus, defeat both Ixillius bosses at roughly the same time.
RECYCLED AXMelee weaponYou can buy it from Rigs.
INCINERATORMelee weaponOn Earth, defeat Boss Singe by cutting off his tail first.
SPEARMelee weaponIn Yaesha, you can buy it from the Merchant.
RECYCLED HAMMERMelee weaponYou can buy it from Rigs.
BUTCHER FLAILMelee weaponIn Corsus, you have to kill the Butcher by hiding in one of the vessels that he has stored on the floor below.
WASTELAND FLAILMelee weaponIn Rhom, finish the Clean Room trial and you can get hold of this weapon.
WORLD BREAKERMelee weaponDefeat the Claviger after allowing it to absorb enemies.
VOICE OF THE TEMPESTMelee weaponIn Yaesha, defeat the Totem Father. This time, instead of making the totem at the entrance blue, shoot it until it is red.
HERO SWORDMelee weaponYou must kill 10 bosses in a row in survival mode. On the other hand, you can also buy it from Rigs.
ICE SHARDMelee weaponIn the DLC Subject 2923, in Reisum, crossing a bridge you will find several bookshelves. Destroy them to find a secret path and then do the same with the wooden wall to get the weapon.
END OF THE WORLDMelee weaponIn the Subject 2923 DLC, in Reisum, you must take down the final boss.

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