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How and where to find all Remnant: From the Ashes mods



How and where to find all Remnant: From the Ashes mods

Apart from weapons and armor, Remnant: From the Ashes is going to ask you to use modifiers wisely to kill all its enemies. Let’s see how and where to find them all.

As always, keep in mind that some of these require DLCs, although the repertoire is so large that there is a variety for all tastes.

How and where to find all Remnant: From the Ashes mods

BREATH OF THE DESERTUnload 7 radioactive projectiles that target enemies within a 20-meter radius, dealing 90 radiation damage each.On Rhom, defeat Scourge in The Hive.
ATTRACTSummons a Skull of the Wasteland that fires projectilesIn Rhom, you have to kill Raze in Lair of the Eyeless.
CORROSIVE AURAProjects a 5 meter aura that moves with you and applies corrosion over time.On Rhom, defeat Canker in Muddy Fang.
HEALER AURACreates a 2.3 meter Healing Pool that regenerates 10 health every second. It has a duration of 20 seconds.Buy it from McCabe.
SEEKERSummons a Scarab that swoops down on enemies and explodes. Deals 576 corrosion damage in a 4 meter radius. Lasts 30 seconds.In Corsus, you must kill Queen Iskal by causing her to be impaled by a stake.
HEATERAmmo deals Fire damage, increasing damage by 15%. Shots will have a 15% chance to critically hit.Buy it from McCabe.
FISSURE WALKEREnter a Rift for 2.8 seconds and leave a Summoned Clone behind you.In Corsus, you have to kill the Dream Eater.
SONG OF SWORDSProjects a 25 meter radius aura that travels with the caster. Lasts 30 seconds and increases the damage of all affected by 25%.In Yaesha, defeat the Guardian in the Ring of Trials.
IRON SENTINELSummons a turret that fires 5 projectiles per second for 18 damage per hit. Lasts 30 seconds.In Rhom, defeat the Ancient Construction outside of Wud’s shop.
CROTALARIASummons a Crolataria with 600 health on hit. Pulls all enemies within 15 meters for 10 seconds.On Earth, you have to defeat the boss of The Corrupted Well.
EXPLOSIVE SHOTFire an explosive projectile that deals 720 damage in a 4 meter radius.
FLAMING SHOTFire a fireball that deals 75 fire damage in addition to giving enemies the altered state of fire, dealing 900 damage in 10 seconds.In Yaesha, you have to take down Scald and Sear.
SWARMUnleash insects that target enemies within 20 meters, attacking continuously for 15 Corrosion damage. Lasts 15 seconds.In Corsus, you must finish off Thrall in the Musk Forge.
BLINDING TOKENTeleports the caster forward 13 meters and creates an electrical blast that deals 630 shock damage.In Yaesha, you have to kill Onslaught in Nobleman’s Rest.
HOWLER IMMUNITYProjects a 20-meter radius aura that travels with the caster, reducing damage taken by all allies within it by 25%. It lasts for 20 seconds.In Rhom, you must defeat Maul in the Stalker’s Lair.
COLD SPEARFire an ice spear that deals 150 freeze damage in a 3.5 meter radius.In Reisum, you must kill Erfor in order to craft it.
SEED THROWERSummons a root void that deals 180 damage per hit.On Earth, you have to kill The Mangler in the Artery.
STORM THROWERSummons a thunderstorm around the caster, dealing 120 Concussion damage to enemies within 35 yards and reducing damage taken by 50%.Defeat the Stormcaller in Yaesha’s Garden of the Martyr.
THORNY MANTLEReduces melee damage taken by 35%, reflects 240% of damage taken, and reduces stagger.On Earth, defeat Gorefist on The Grinder.
FLICKERING CLOAKGives a shield that absorbs damage up to 100% of the player’s health and prevents staggering.On Earth, you have to kill the Splitter in Leto’s Laboratory.
VERY GOOD BOYSummons a Very Nice Guy that deals 288 damage per bite.In Rhom, you must pet Wud’s dog.
ICY FOGFire a projectile that deals 30 freeze damage and unleashes an icy cloud that lasts for 10 seconds and applies a freeze effect.In the DLC, you have to kill Obryk in Reisum in order to craft it.
UNSTABLE TINESUnleash a quick blast of 12 spikes. You can detonate them to deal corrosion damage in a radius of 2.5 meters.In Corsus, you have to kill the Incisive Terror.
BLAST OF KNIVESLaunch a flurry of 7 knives, each dealing 60 damage and causing Bleeding.In Subject 2923 DLC, you have to kill Tian in the Valenhaag Mines.
VEIL OF BLACK TEARDROPIt generates a 5 meter impenetrable energy field. It can be shot out from within.In Rhom, you have to kill Shade and Shatter in the Hall of the Faithful.
BLIZZARDFires a projectile that deals 30 freeze damage, unleashes an icy cloud that lasts for 10 seconds, and applies the freeze effect to enemies 3 meters away.In Subject 2923 DLC. You have to kill Ikro in Reisum.

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