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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Isle of Fog Walkthrough



Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Isle of Fog Walkthrough

In the new story “A Fateful Encounter”, Eivor goes to Scotland to investigate strange occurrences on the Isle of Fog. There he meets an old figure we know. In this complete solution, we will guide you through the story expansion around the island of fog and help you to successfully master the “Kassandra DLC”.

ATTENTION: Bear in mind that this walkthrough may contain spoilers. You are hereby warned!

A new free DLC for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla & Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

MoinMoin or should we say “Chaire”? With the new free title update 1.4.1, in addition to some gameplay adjustments, new story content and a new area are added – the island of fog. In addition, the new saga “A Fateful Encounter” is a crossover between Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey.

In fact, Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey has received its own update, which also takes you to a new island in Corfu / Korkyra. To better understand what is happening in the Valhalla update, it is worthwhile to play the new free Odyssey DLC first. But if you can’t or don’t want to do this, it doesn’t matter – you will understand what is going on on the Isle of Fog.

Do you need help in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and its DLCs in general? Then we recommend you to read our walkthrough for Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, our walkthrough for the DLC “Wrath of the Druids” and our walkthrough for “The Siege of Paris”.

But enough of the introduction: it’s time we sharpened our axes and embarked on our latest adventure. What do you think the Isle of Fog has in store for us?

A twisted dream

The new story content “A Fateful Encounter” and thus also the Isle of Fog (today’s name is “Skye” and belongs to the Inner Hebrides northwest of Scotland) will be available to you as soon as you get to Valka’s hut of the seer in your settlement Level 4 expanded.

The adventure starts in a very classic way: Hraefnathorp has a new visitor who you have to talk to first. The newcomer is a let’s say a little quirky woman named Eadgyd. You can find them near Valka’s hut in the northwest of your settlement.

In conversation, she tells you that the people of her homeland, the island of fog, are being bullied in their dreams, which is why no one has been able to sleep for days. She, therefore, asks Eivor to take care of this problem. Valka arrives and gives Eivor an ominous prophecy on the way, that apparently Randvi is entangled in the whole thing and that at the end of this adventure Eivor and Randvi would part ways forever.

Eivor is more than skeptical about this prophecy but is still willing to help Eadgyd with her problem. When you are ready, at the end of the conversation with Eadgyd, you can travel to the Isle of Mist. If you want to do something beforehand, you can do that too. Then return to Eadgyd later when you are ready to begin the new adventure.

Restless nights

After you have crossed the Isle of Fog, your adventure begins. After the cutscene and the conversation between Eivor and Eadgyd, you have to reach the small village of Ceilltarraglan to find out from the villagers what is really going on here and who is behind the terrible dream attacks.

So the best thing to do is call your horse (control pad on the left) and just follow the road to your right up the hill to the south-southwest. Next to the fountain you descend and use Odin’s sight to look for clues or people to talk to. To do this, press in the right control stick.

Ask the groom

The first person to talk to is the groom. He sits on your right behind a small sales stand and in front of the stall or walks around there. You can tell by the green shimmer that this information is available for you. The red and white-clad groom babbles something about an eagle who is responsible for their suffering. He doesn’t say anything more.

So look for the next clue: Follow the street a little bit to the southeast and use Odin’s view to the left of the houses as well. So you can see that there is someone on the left of the two houses who also seems to know something.

Interview the Cursed Islander in the hut

But before you can talk to this “accursed islander”, you have to gain access to the hut: Run around the hut and jump onto the line stretched behind it. From here you can shoot through the lattice window at the beam that closes the hut. Now run to the door and enter.

The Cursed Islander inside knows how to paint a very unpleasant picture of these nightmares and their devastating effects, but he has no really helpful information, so Eivor has to look elsewhere .

Ask the bride

Leave the hut again and follow the path that goes down next to the hut towards the water to the crossroads and then turn right. Speak to the restlessly going up and down bride in front of the fully-loaded car.

This actually has quite useful information for Eivor: It tells you to look for the “warrior with the braid”. That is definitely reminiscent of Randvi. She was responsible for the sleepless nights. The bride sends you to an old church about 800 meters west-northwest in front of the settlement.

A fateful encounter: Not Randvi – Kassandra!

So follow the instructions of the bride and go to church. The closer you get to the church, the foggy it gets. In front of the church you see many slaughtered corpses and in the midst of them a woman with a braid. At first, Eivor thinks it is Randvi, but it is not.

A woman who was previously unknown stands before you. She introduces herself as Kassandra. Since Eivor believes she is responsible for the islanders’ nightmares and for all the dead here, he challenges Kassandra to a fight. She goes into it.

The fight is spectacular and both warriors seem to be equal to each other. When they realize that they both have a hidden blade hidden with them and that they seem to have a connection with this order, it occurs to both of them that it might make more sense to work together after all. For now!

Destroy the cursed mark

Run up the steps to the church. Here the two reluctant partners can prove their teamwork for the first time: Interact with the red, locked door to break it open together with Kassandra.

Inside you first, shoot the chandelier in front of you so that it breaks through the floor and thus exposes the access to the crypt. Drop down and run downstairs. Run to the back wall and pull the shelf back a little and then to the left.

Now run through and jump over the pit with the traps in it. Here you pick up the explosive jug and jump back again. Turn right to see the fragile wall on the left. Put the explosive jug in front of it, take a few steps back and then let it go up through your arch.

If the wall is then blown away, you will also see the skull-shaped cursed sign behind it. Use your bow again to destroy it. Now enter the room and turn to the right. Here you destroy the bar that locks the door from the inside and follow the secret passage outside.

In the open air, you will be attacked by a number of opponents, all of whom are, however, rather weak. Have your bow ready and shoot some arrows. Then one or two special skills and the attackers are done.

Then have a chat with Kassandra to find out why she is here and what is going on on the Isle of Fog in the first place. Kassandra finally suggests that the two warriors meet again in Tobhta and then proceed together again.


Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Unlock Stitch



Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Unlock Stitch

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s new update has three new characters two of them are from Pixar’s Toy Story and one of them is from Disney’s Lilo & Stitch. Players will be able to unlock Toy Story’s character easily but it is a bit technical to open Stitch’s character. As Stitch requires little patience and multiple Sub-Quests.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Unlock Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Unlocking Stitch

The new update has a Stitch character in the game but you will not find it in the Valley nor in any Realm. Unlocking Stitch will require you to find three different socks around the Valley which will lead to hidden Sub-Quests and then you will be able to unlock Stitch. The Socks are very easy to find as they are not well hidden but the thing is players will not be able to unlock Stitch on the first day, they will have to wait for 10 real-life days to unlock Stitch.

Now, the reason for that is whenever you find the first Sock, the next sock will spawn in the Valley after 5 Real Life days so, you will find all three socks in 10 days and then after completing the Sub-Quests, you will unlock Stitch. Players can also change their system time and date to 5 days onward when they find the sock to complete it in a single day but it would be dangerous because you can easily corrupt your save file of the game. So, be careful if you want to change the system’s Date and Time.

The Three Socks that you need to find in order to unlock Stitch can be found in the following locations.

1st Sock Location

The very first Sock that can be found whenever is on the small Island near Dazzle Beach. You need to make your way to the small Island and you will find a Sock named “Slimy Stocking”. Finding this will start a sub-quest of Donald Duck in which you will have to give the sock to him and find the clue in his house.

1st Sock Location

2nd Sock Location

After 5 days, the second sock will spawn in the Valley and you will be able to find it in Peaceful Meadows near the pond and the staircase of Dazzle Beach. The Chewed-Up Sock will be Goofy’s and it will start a sub-quest in which you have to return the Sock to Goofy and search his house for the Clue.

2nd Sock Location

3rd Sock Location

After 5 days of finding the second sock, the third sock will spawn in the Valley. You will find the third Sock in the Forest of Valor biome near the river. Picking up the Sock will start another Sub-Quest in which you have to find out the owner of Knitted Orange Sock and then search the owner’s house for clues.

3rd Sock Location

After finding all the Socks and the clues in the owner’s houses. Donald Duck will use the clues to make a Homing Beacon that you will have to place on Skull Rock. The Skull Rock is on the Small Island near Dazzle Beach from where you found the first sock. Place the Homing Beacon on the Island and a cutscene will play in which Stitch will arrive in a rocket to the Valley. After that, you will have to talk to Stitch and Donald and then you will have to place Stitch’s house in the Valley.

After placing Stitch’s house, you will have to interact with Scrooge McDuck’s board and pay 10,000 Star Coins for the house. Once Stitch’s house is built, Stitch will be unlocked and players will be able to complete their questline in the game.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Find Buzz Lightyear’s Playing Cards



Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Find Buzz Lightyear’s Playing Cards

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s new update will let players interact with all new characters added to the game and help them settle in the Dreamlight Valley. While progressing through the questline of Buzz Lightyear, he will tell you to find his Playing Cards which are missing somewhere.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to find Buzz Lightyear’s Playing Cards in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Finding Buzz Lightyear’s Playing Cards

Following the main quests of new characters added in the game, players will get a quest named “A Space Ranger Reputation” from Buzz Lightyear in which he will ask you to find the Playing Cards that he left somewhere in Bonnie’s Room. Now, Bonnie’s Room is in the Toy Story Realm so players will have to make their way to Toy Story Realm.

Go inside the Dreamlight Castle and access the Toy Story Realm to go inside Bonnie’s Room. Playing Cards will be hidden inside the Books. Players will need to find the Books and then need to interact with them to get Buzz Lightyear’s Playing Cards.

  • ⦁ Playing Cards Location #1
    • As you enter Bonnie’s Room, you will see a Yellow Colored Book with a Rainbow on it, leaning by the Basket. Go near it and it will start shining. Interact with it and the Playing Cards will come out of it. Pick up the cards to find the first Playing Cards.
  • ⦁ Playing Cards Location #2
    • Go to the right corner of the room in front of the Red Slide and you will see a Bluebook with clouds and musical notes on it. Go near it and interact with it to find second Playing Cards.
  • ⦁ Playing Cards Location #3
    • From the second location, go straight pass the White table and look to the right. You will see a Red Book with an Easter Egg on it. Go near it and interact with it to find the third and last Playing Cards.

After finding all three Playing Cards, you need to go back to Buzz to give them to him.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Make Minnie’s Gingerbread Cookies



Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Make Minnie’s Gingerbread Cookies

In the new Holiday update of Disney Dreamlight Valley, there are new cooking recipes added to the game that players can cook in the game and regenerate their energy while eating the delicious new recipes of the Holidays. One of the new Holiday recipes in the game is Minnie’s Gingerbread Cookies which was also shown in the picture from Disney Dreamlight Valley’s tweet for the update.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to make Minnie’s Gingerbread Cookies in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Making Minnie’s Gingerbread Cookies

Minnie’s Ginger Bread is a 2-Star Meal that is very easy to make because it only requires two ingredients to cook it. The ingredients that you are going to need are the following.

  • Wheat
  • Ginger

The main ingredient of Gingerbread Cookies is Ginger which will be hard for some people who did not have unlocked a specific biome from where it can be obtained. Ginger can only be gathered from the Forgotten Lands biome which requires 15,000 Dreamlight. Not only that, the Forgotten Lands biome is only accessible through the Sunlit Plateau biome which requires 7,000 Dreamlight so, it would cost a total of 22,000 Dreamlight to unlock the Forgotten Lands.

The players who are playing from the early access would already have unlocked all of the biomes and they can easily get it by going into the biomes and harvesting it from the ground. The new players will have to grind a little in the game by completing quests and Dreamlight Duties to get Dreamlight and then unlock the biomes.

Wheat is very easy to get as its seeds can be bought from Goofy Stall in the Peaceful Meadows you just need to plant the seed and water it, and then wait for a few moments to harvest it.

Once you have all the ingredients, go to any Cooking Station and add Wheat and Ginger in the Cooking Pot. Then Click on Start Cooking which will consume 1 Coal and the Minnie’s Gingerbread Cookies will be prepared. It is a very easy recipe and you can also gift it to other characters to increase Friendship level quickly.

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