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AC Valhalla: Update for the problematic Yule Festival will be released today



AC Valhalla: Update for the problematic Yule Festival will be released today

As Ubisoft announced via Twitter, the new update will be devoted to the Yule Festival right on time for the beginning of the year. But this does not mean that you can suddenly dust off new rewards or even attend new competitions. The update is only intended to fix the bug that many players do not even see the Yule Festival.

If your Viking village has been one of the grumpy parties up to now, it is worth visiting after today’s update. Because you still have until January 27, 2022 to earn the rewards anyway .

As last year, the Yule Festival has started in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and is redecorating your home village into a fairground. There you can collect so-called Julmarks to take part in special events, such as drinking games, fistfights and smaller missions such as shooting competitions.

You can exchange these Jul tokens for rewards, for example weapon sets and armor parts – at least in theory. In practice, the Yule Festival apparently does not even come out of the starting blocks for many players and simply does not appear . In addition, the rewards are often identical to the items from the previous year, which also causes annoyance.

What does the Yule Festival in Valhalla bring?

How long does the Yule Festival last? The event will officially run from December 16, 2021 to January 6, 2022. It is not yet known whether there will be an extension due to the problems.

Where does the celebration take place? Before you search the huge game world for festive activities: The Yule Festival takes place solely in your home village. If you don’t see any signs of a party there, you are most likely also affected by the bug.

What can I do at the Yule Festival? At the festival you have several options to get the coveted Julmarks:

  • Brawls: Real Vikings pound each other contemplatively on the face. Face your opponents in the ring and send them onto the boards.
  • Drinking competition: Put as much mead as possible behind the bandage and in the end be the last to stand to win here.
  • Archery: Hit as many targets as you can with the bow in a tight time frame.
  • Quests: Two different quests that start in your village also provide a lot of tokens.

What rewards do I get for this? You can choose from a special armor set and a powerful weapon. There are also hairstyles for Eivor and some winter decorative elements for the settlement.

There will be a lot more new content for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla in the coming year. Then a new giant DLC will appear with Dawn of Ragnarok.

Annoying bugs and no known solutions

The problem with the Yule Festival is that it often doesn’t even take place in the first place – and if so, then only with false rewards or other bugs. The complaints of affected players are increasing on Reddit. There are no official solutions yet, here is a list of the known problems:

  • The Yule Festival does not take place: Of course, you could not try the classic restart of the game. Also, make sure you have already set foot on English soil and completed one of the earliest story arcs, as this appears to be a requirement for the festival to show up.
  • The same rewards as last year: If your festival is taking place and you want to exchange your hard-won July stamps for rewards, it is possible that you will be offered the same pieces of armor as last year. You can buy it again, but it won’t do you any good. It can even happen that your existing set parts are weakened as a result.

Ubisoft has now also responded and made it clear via Twitter that they have noticed the problems and are now investigating. An update can therefore be expected shortly – we will inform you at this point as soon as there is news to report.

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