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Ravenlok: How to Unlock the Shop



Ravenlok is a fairytale Action-Adventure game in which you will get to encounter various enemies and bosses but also you will get to meet a number of characters in each region. All of the characters have a quest that is needed to be completed in order to unlock an item or progress through the game. One of the things that you will have to consider unlocking is the Shop where you will be able to buy your Utility items.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock the shop in Ravenlok.

How to Unlock the Shop

The unlocking of the Shop is tied to a quest named “Open the Shop” which is given by the character named “Hedgehog Etta”. He will give you an item named “Mustard Seed Tea” which is required to make the Blessing later in the process of unlocking the Shop. After talking to the Hedgehog, you need to go up and you will have to talk to the other character named “Hedgehog Clyde”. He is the character who is protecting the “Mushroom Forest” region from which you will be able to get the Blessing.

Hedgehog Clyde will give you his own quest named “Fungi Pathway” which requires a piece of Fungus. Now, at this point you would already have a piece of Fungus. If not then you can get it by “Spiff the Trainer” who teaches you the combat mechanics after getting the Sword and Shield. You need to talk to Hedgehog Clyde again to give him the Fungus and he will open the Mushroom Forest for you.

Now, you need to go ahead in the Mushroom Forest and go to the Witch’s House to talk to “Enid the Witch”. You will start a new quest named “Blessing Spell” for which you will be required the following items.

  • Mustard Seed tea
  • Weeping Fungi’s Head
  • Bison Horn
  • Torch

For the Weeping Fungi’s Head, you need to defeat the boss named “Weeping Fungi” in a boss fight. For the Bison Horn, you need to defeat the boss named “Buvador the Bison” in a boss fight. Once you have obtained the items, you need to go back to Witch and she will tell you to put all of the ingredients in the Cauldron.

Go inside the Witch’s House and go to the basement by interacting with the ladder in the main room. Interact with the Cauldron to put all of the ingredients and then go outside of the house to talk to Cammy to get the Torch from him. You will have to do a little quest for him as well where you will have to give him 4 Cinders. Cinders can be found around the area so collect the Cinders and give them to him and he will give you the Torch.

Now, go back to the Cauldron in Witch’s House and light the Cauldron to make the Blessing. Go out of the house and talk to the Witch to get the Attic Key. Go into the Attic from the left side of the house and you will find a mirror inside the attic from where you can fast travel back to the fairytale world.

Now, make your back to the Hedgehog Etta and give him the Blessing to complete the quest and unlock the shop.

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