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Ravenlok: How to Defeat Weeping Fungi (Boss Fight)



Ravenlok: How to Defeat Weeping Fungi (Boss Fight)

Weeping Fungi is an Angry Green Mushroom that players will have to defeat in order to progress in the main story of the game. After reaching the Mushroom Forest, you will get to talk to “Enid the Witch” who will tell you to bring a part of Weeping Fungi in her quest named “Blessing Spell”. Now, in order to get the part of Weeping Fungi, you will have to defeat it in a boss fight.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Weeping Fungi in Ravenlok.

How to Defeat Weeping Fungi (Boss) in Ravenlok

Weeping Fungi is the very first boss of the game that you will get to defeat but it is a bit tougher than the regular mushrooms that you fight in the Mushroom Forest. You should Level Up your character before you get to fight him as it will increase your chances to defeat him more easily. Once you are ready, go to the right side from the Witch’s Place to reach Weeping Fungi. Talk to Weeping Fungi and answer his question with “NO” and it will trigger the boss fight.

The fight itself is not that difficult but you will have to look out for his AOE attacks. He has a couple of AOE attacks where he will shoot down orbs around him. You would have to maintain a distance from him while he is doing that attack. At the start of the fight, you need to hit him with your Bullet Spray attack or Fire Bomb if you have one to get a head start in the fight. After that, you need to stick close to him throughout the whole fight and just smash the X Button to attack him.

How to Defeat Weeping Fungi (Boss) in Ravenlok

He has a shooting attack where he will swing in a circle and shoot at you. Just run around him to dodge the attack and then just continue hitting him to deal damage. He also has a slashing attack where he will slash his both hands to create a green mist. Just go to his opposite side to dodge the attack and you can keep hitting him with your attacks.

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