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Ravenlok: How to Defeat Buvador the Bison (Boss Fight)



Ravenlok: How to Defeat Buvador the Bison (Boss Fight)

There are a number of bosses in each of the regions that you will visit throughout the game and you will have to defeat the bosses in order to progress through the game. As players progress through the game to reach the Mushroom Forest, they will get to fight Weeping Fungi and after that, they will have to complete a quest named “Stag Assistance”. After completing the quest, you will be pulled down to another area where you will fight Buvador the Bison.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Buvador the Bison in Ravenlok.

How to Defeat Buvador the Bison in Ravenlok

Once you have pulled down to the boss battle area, you need to talk to Buvador the Bison and the boss fight will be triggered. Buvador the Bison has a lot of charging attacks where it will charge toward you. It also has ground slam attacks and Headbutt attacks that you need to look out for. As the fight starts, it will immediately charge toward you. Get out of its way and get behind it to hit your sword attacks and keep mashing it until you see it moving or doing a ground slam attack.

You also need to use the Bullet Spray attack as much as you can in this fight to continuously deal more damage as it is a bit difficult to stay close to it. Whenever your Bullet Spray Attack is ready, use it to deal damage. If you have Fire Bombs in your inventory, you can also use them on it as they will deal 500 Damage to it each.

How to Defeat Buvador the Bison in Ravenlok

For the whole fight try to stay under it or behind it and whenever he stops to charge at you, hit him with your attacks and then launch the Bullet Spray attack to deal further damage. You can block the Headbutt and leg attack with your shield so, if you are staying close to it, make sure to lift up your shield whenever you see it moving its head or legs.

Other than that, the fight is pretty straight forward and you need to keep doing regular attacks along with your Bullet Spray to defeat it quickly. Once you have defeated Buvador the Bison, you will get 400 Exp and Bison Horn which is required for the “Blessing Spell” quest.

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