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Redfall: How to Level Up Fast



Redfall: How to Level Up Fast

Players will gain experience while slaying the cultists and various vampires around Redfall Island to increase the level of their characters. Leveling up your character will earn you Skill Points that can be spent on unlocking new skills of your character. In order to unlock more Skills quickly, you will have to Level Up your character.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Level Up Fast in Redfall.

Methods of Leveling Up Fast in Redfall

Redfall is an open-world game in which you can explore a lot of areas including hidden areas to unlock more safehouses and Historical Landmarks. As you explore, you will get to encounter Hollow Man Cultists and Vampires who can earn you a decent amount of XP by killing them. The general method of getting XP is to kill as many enemies as you can. However, it will still take you a lot of time to Level Up your character. The quickest way to Level Up your Character in Redfall is by the following methods.

  • Complete the Main Story Missions
  • Complete the Side Quests

Complete Main Story Missions in Redfall

Completing the Main Story Missions will grant you a decent amount of XP that can help you Level Up faster in the game. Each time you complete a main mission, you will gain a certain amount of XP. If you keep your focus mainly on the main mission without wandering out much in the world, you will level up your character more quickly.

Once you have completed a main story mission, go to the Fire Station and interact with the Briefing Table to select a new unlocked main mission. There is a total of 16 main missions in the game for you to complete and it will not take long to complete the game.

Complete the Side Quests in Redfall

The Side Quests in the Redfall also give a decent amount of XP by completing them. It is half of the XP that you get from the main story mission. Fortunately, there are tons of Side Quests in Redfall that you can complete and all of the missions are not that long. You can wander around on the world map to find different side quests.

The Max Level that you can reach in Redfall is 40 and by the time you have completed all of the Main Story Missions and all of the Side Quests, you would still not hit 40. So, for the rest of the level, you would just have to take out the enemies as much as you can because there is no other way to get XP in the game.

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