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Redfall: How to Unlock the Locked Doors



Redfall: How to Unlock the Locked Doors

Redfall offers a wide-open world experience in which you can explore all the different areas to find the items that will make things easier for your journey. However, some of the exploration is blocked by the locked doors which will require a Lockpick to open. You or one of your team members should have a Lockpick on them if you want to explore a locked area on the map.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock the Locked Doors in Redfall.

How to Unlock the Locked Doors in Redfall

As players explore the world of Redfall, they will find a number of locked areas on the map. In order to explore those areas, players should get their hands on Lockpicks to unlock the locked doors. The Lockpick is one of the items that players can stack up on from the beginning of the game. The Lockpicks can be found in chests, bags, and toolboxes scattered around the world map. You can also buy the Lockpicks from the vendor named “Eva” in the Fire House.

If you have unlocked the Fire House location, you can go and browse Eva’s Shop named “Lost & Found” to buy Lockpicks. 1 Lockpick will cost you 1250 coins. You can only stack up Lockpicks to a certain number so, make sure you have enough Lockpicks when you begin exploration because who knows when you got to use them.

Now, once you have a Lockpick, you need to approach a Locked Door and it will give you the option to Use Lockpick. You just need to hold down the designated key to use the Lockpick and the door will be unlocked. You will get to use the lockpicks mainly on doors and terminals around the world map so, make sure to stack up on them either by looting the items or buying them from Eva.

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