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Redfall: How to Get Shotgun



Redfall: How to Get Shotgun

Redfall is an Open World Co-Op FPS game in which you will get to deal with Cultists and Vampires at Redfall Commons Island. There are a number of different weapons that you will get to use but you will only start with a Pistol at the start of the game no matter what Hero you picked before starting a New Game. However, you can get a Shotgun pretty early in the game right before even finishing the very first mission of the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Shotgun in Redfall.

How to Get the Shotgun in Redfall

If you prefer a short-range combat against the enemies then you got to find the Shotgun as soon as possible in the game. After you have made it out of the water in the very first mission named “Dead in the Water”, you need to make your way to the Fire House. Simply follow the path to reach the Fire House and you will get to clear a number of Cultists around the Fire House.

After taking out the Cultists, enter the Fire House and go up the stairs. Take out the two cultists at the door and you will be told to go to the Basement to turn on the Power. Go to the basement and before you turn on the power by interacting with the Switch, look on the ground near the body to get your Shotgun. It will be the first Shotgun that you will find in the game so, make it useful for clearing out enemies at close range.

You will also get to fight the first Vampire of the game which will be just to the right side when you pick up the Shotgun. Now, you can also get the Shotgun of different rarity from vendors as well but it can cost you a lot of money. There are also chests hidden around in the world from which you can find different guns of rarity. Make sure to loot the chests while exploring an area to find useful weapons.

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