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Remakes of Sinnoh / Pokémon Diamond and Pearl for Nintendo Switch



Remakes of Sinnoh / Pokémon Diamond and Pearl for Nintendo Switch

There are many rumors that have come to us about the remakes of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl for the Nintendo Switch. However, today a new rumor has arrived that has left us cold because of the security with which such relevant information is shared.

The Pokémon Leaks Centre community claims to be able to confirm that remakes of these games are indeed on their way to Nintendo Switch. Specifically, they mention that “they can confirm that, according to sources close to the company, remakes of Pokémon Pearl Diamond, originally released in 2006 for Nintendo DS, are in development for Nintendo Switch”.

They add that the remakes would be announced next February and would maintain the classic capture style of the franchise, unlike Let’s Go. All these details are provided by “sources close to the company”.

This community was in the spotlight when it illegally leaked the contents of Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Snows, so it is believed that they may have known exclusive information about these remakes. We trust that this will be the case and we will soon be able to share the official announcement with you.

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