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Remnant 2: How to Get Twisting Wounds Mutator



Remnant 2; Twisting Wounds Mutator

Twisting Wounds is one of the Mutators in Remnant 2 that players can apply to Long Gun or Handgun to increase damage by 10% to enemies that have a Bleeding effect on them. As the description of Mutator defines, it is specifically better with a Weapon that deals inflict Bleed Damage, players should get this Mutator who are looking to make a Bleed Build.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you how to get Twisting Wounds Mutator in Remnant 2.

How to Get Twisting Wounds Mutator in Remnant 2

To get the Twisting Wounds Mutator, players will have to defeat a corrupted mini-boss named Gorge. Gorge is a giant pig-dog enemy that can be found in the sewers located in the following areas of Losomn World.

  • Butcher’s Quarter
  • Cotton’s Kiln

The spawn location of Gorge is not permanent but it will spawn in one of the sewers areas found in Butcher’s Quarter or Cotton’s Kiln. We found Gorge in Butcher’s Quarter and to get to the location of Gorge, players will have to go all the way to the west side of the Butcher’s Quarter area.

By reaching the west side of the map, players will see a broken metal fence that players can cross by crouching. Cross the metal fence and jump down to the Wooden Pillars to reach the sewer area. Go along the path of the sewer and Gorge will eventually come out to attack. The boss fight is not that difficult as it is a mini-boss and players with high Power Level would deal more damage to Gorge.

Once players have defeated Gorge, it will drop the Twisting Wounds Mutator. Twisting Wounds Mutator is best for Bleed Weapons and one of the best Bleed Weapons to put this Mutator on is Merciless.

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