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Remnant 2 – How to Upgrade the Weapons



Remnant 2: Upgrade Weapons

Remnant 2 offers various weapons for each Archetype in the game. Weapons play an important role in Remnant 2 as they are the items that will be referred to as Gear in the game. Players do get Armor pieces and jewelry as they explore more areas but they cannot be upgraded but weapons can. Upgrading the Weapons/Gear will increase their overall potential and fully upgrading the weapon to Level 10 will give certain bonuses as well.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Upgrade weapons in Remnant 2.

How to Upgrade Weapons in Remnant 2

Weapons can be upgraded by a Blacksmith named Rigs who can be found in Ward 13 area. Players will reach this area at the end of the tutorial and before heading to Rigs, players should pick their starting Archetype. Head to Wallace to pick the Archetype and then go to Brabus who can be found in the Firing Range. Talk to Brabus to receive respective weapons of the Archetype and then head inside the building to meet with Rigs.

NOTE: If players go directly to Rigs without getting the respective weapons of the Archetype, Rigs will not do any action.

Interact with Rigs to start upgrading the Weapons. Select the Weapon that you want to upgrade and then confirm to upgrade the weapon. Upgrading the Weapons will require Scraps along with Iron and Lumenite Crystals for the early upgrade. As players upgrade the weapons even further the required resources will change but it will still cost Scraps.

With each upgrade level of the weapon, the damage of the weapon will increase but the rest of the stats will remain the same.

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