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Resident Evil 8 Village and 10 details that may have gone unnoticed: plot, setting, gameplay, and more



Lady Dimitrescu Prepares to Host: Resident Evil Village Demo Part 2 Trailer and Launch Details

Capcom left us speechless last night, announcing many details of the long-awaited Resident Evil Village for PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PC, and confirming the versions for PS4 and Xbox One. But you sure missed some news (and returns) of this dark adventure full of puzzles, scares, an imposing castle, vampires, werewolves, and the greedy Lady Dimitrescu … discover 16 details of Resident Evil 8 Village.

If you are a Resident Evil fan, you are probably climbing the walls right now, and it is normal (we are like that too). The Resident Evil Showcase event was a feast for fans of the Capcom saga, with many details, a demo, trailer, and updates from Resident Evil 8 Village.

Beyond outstanding data such as the release date, the confirmation that it will be released on PS4 and Xbox One (with a free update to the next-gen) or certain details repeated with respect to previous information, there are some aspects that have not been discussed in excess still.

Resident Evil 8 Village will arrive on May 7th on PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PC, PS4, and One, with a standard edition and several collector’s editions, either in physical or digital format, although official products will also be released in Japan and merchandising that we hope will also arrive here.

Here are 16 details from Resident Evil Village that you might have overlooked … or maybe you were just too scared of Lady Dimitrescu and her blood-hungry vampires.

Resident Evil 8 Village and 16 details that may have gone unnoticed

Will be released on PS4 and Xbox One; editions available

Resident Evil 8 Village reservations began last night, through different stores such as Amazon or GAME, although only from the standard edition. Of course, you can also pre-order the digital edition on the PS Store, Microsoft Store, and Steam, for all platforms.

Capcom cleared the rumors by confirming the versions for PS4 and Xbox One and specifying the contents of the Collector’s Editions: Deluxe, Collector’s Edition, Bonus for reservations, and the compilation that includes Resident Evil Village and its predecessor, Resident Evil 7.

Details of its story (possible SPOILERS)

Although the main plot of Resident Evil 8 Village has not yet been revealed, everything indicates that Ethan Winters (the protagonist of Resident Evil 7) will have to enter Dimitrescu Castle and explore the nearby village in search of his little daughter Rose, who has been kidnapped by Lady Dimitrescu’s clan of vampires.

Fans theorize about the mysterious scene in which Chris Redfield kidnapped the little girl and murdered Mia Winters, the wife of our protagonist. It could be a vision, product of the virus that runs through Ethan’s veins, although these are assumptions.

The two scenarios and setting

The Resident Evil 8 Village website and its new trailer reveal two different scenarios, although it is quite possible that the game hides other alternative locations, as often happens in other games in the saga. At the moment we have been able to see The Village and El Castillo, each with a different visual style.

Resident Evil Village bets on gothic terror, and according to Capcom we will have a huge stage to explore, defeat enemies and survive all kinds of horrors. The numerous vampiric details in this installment are striking, a breath of fresh air for Resident Evil.

Lady Dimitrescu’s clan of vampires

As was the case with the sect of Resident Evil 4, in Resident Evil Village we will have to flee from some bloody vampires throughout the Dimitrescu Castle, led by a slender (and terrible) woman, Lady Dimitrescu, who have finished the demo of PS5 have already been able to experience in person.

However, someone seems to be pulling the strings of Lady Dimitrescu and her sisterhood of vampires, as we could see in the new trailer. In addition, there are other characters from the vampire family-like Heisenberg (no, he is not the protagonist of Breaking Bad.

Brother Heisenberg

Lady Dimitrescu herself tells Ethan in the new trailer: ” I see you have been able to escape from my stupid brother .” Well, we already know that he refers to the mysterious character with a hat and sunglasses that we saw a few months ago. He is the brother of Lady Dimitrescu, and his name is Heisenberg.

This character could be a version of Jack Baker from Resident Evil 7 , and he promises to have a very particular sense of humor. Of course, he will have special powers and abilities like the rest of his family and two large hammers, which he will use to make mincemeat of us.

Insects, bats, changes in the saga

In the latest trailer for Resident Evil Village, we could see very interesting changes for the saga. Not only it’s setting but also occasional enemies that replace (for now) the classic crows. These are clouds of bats, something logical as the inhabitants of the Castle are vampires, but there is more …

And it is that in another sequence we could see how a cloud of insects (bees or beetles) chased our protagonist, even getting into Ethan’s skin and causing terrible wounds on our hands. Maybe they could look like the annoying and poisonous insect parasites from Resident Evil 3 Remake.

Ways to defend yourself from enemies

All Resident Evil has its defense mechanics against enemies, as well as movements to evade attacks. In Resident Evil Village we will enjoy counterattacks very similar to those of Resident Evil 7 , but more limited if possible. Do not forget that stealth will be a very important element.

If we press the L1 button on PS5 and PS4 (and its corresponding button on Xbox and PC) we will get away from an attack or an enemy that bounces against us, although it will depend on our health and resistance at that moment. There will also be dodges, a common element in the saga.

Inventory Resident Evil 4

One of the great novelties that fans will love is an inventory system very similar to the one that Resident Evil 4 had. Of course, there will continue to be gaps and limited spaces, but we will have to fit the weapons and objects as if it were a Tetris level.

For example, there will be weapons like the Sniper Rifle, which will take up more than one or even two of the inventory space, so you will have to manage the inventory space and make it fit. This will remind you of when you pack to go on vacation; and indeed, it is the same (or similar, go).

Combine objects, mix and examine

As in any good Resident Evil game, in Village, we will have to manage ammunition and healing objects intelligently. We find the option to examine each item, which many times will reveal new paths and other objects such as keys, jewelry, or rings, essential to advance.

At other times it will be necessary to combine two objects to obtain another, not only with herbs but also with key items from the story. Resident Evil 8 Village will bring this back, and also the different alternative mixes as with the explosives in Resident Evil 3 Remake.

New weapons

Weapons are a very important aspect of Resident Evil Village, which this time will feature a detailed damage system, as well as incredible dynamic lighting. In the trailers, we can see the EM1 pistol, which occupies six inventory spaces, and the M1897 shotgun, which occupies ten.

The first person perspective and the improved shooter system will make the fighting much more intense, and we can also buy weapon parts and improve them. We’ve also seen the F2 precision rifle, which takes up 12 slots but packs plenty of firepowers.

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