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Is the necklace from the Resident Evil Village demo the new “finger” that will drive the community crazy?



Is the necklace from the Resident Evil Village demo the new "finger" that will drive the community crazy?

Maiden, the PS5 exclusive Resident Evil Village demo, includes a seemingly useless item: the necklace. Are we facing the new great mystery that will drive the community crazy, as happened with the Resident Evil VII demo?

Last night the Resident Evil Showcase was held, a program focused on the latest news about Resident Evil Village and the Biohazard saga in general (which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary). Among all the announcements, such as the release date of this new installment, the different editions, the versions for PS4 and Xbox One, or the multiplayer Re: Verse, there was one quite unexpected: the publication of a demo of Resident Evil Village, nicknamed Maiden. , exclusively for PS5.

Even more surprising still, the demo became available within minutes of the Showcase, so anyone with a PS5 can try it out at no cost. If you have not been able to get hold of the console, we will tell you everything that Maiden offers, the Resident Evil Village demo.

Although it is not very complicated and can be completed in just 20 minutes, it seems that the demo is not without mystery. Because, as you may recall, before the release of Resident Evil VII Biohazard, Capcom published a demo dubbed Beginning Hour that turned the community upside down for days due to its mysteries, especially the famous finger that was apparently useless.

And we have a new mystery item: in Maiden’s case, around the middle, we can find an item simply called a necklace. Its description reads: ” A necklace of animal bones used to ward off evil. It was taken from me when I was put into the dungeon .” It is not hidden (it is practically impossible to miss it), so Capcom clearly wants us to see and collect it … But it has no use.

At least it has no known use at the moment, but the community is already at work, running tests to try to figure out its meaning (go back to the start of the demo with the necklace in inventory, finish the demo without picking it up, etc.).

Now, if it is the same play as with the Resident Evil VII demo, it is possible that to discover the mystery behind Maiden’s amulet we have to wait because in that case it was not solved until Capcom published several updates. What do you think? Have you discovered any other mysteries in the Resident Evil 8 demo?

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