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Ridge Racer 8, the Namco project has been canceled



Ridge Racer 8, the Namco project has been canceled

In recent years, many clues had led to rumors of a possible development of Ridge Racer 8 at Bandai Namco Studios Singapore. The project seemed to be brought together with Metroid Prime 4 which was supposed to keep only the producer of the original GameCube and Wii trilogy developed by Retro Studios. In the case of the historic Nintendo saga, we know that then the project was taken away from Namco to give it back to the original development team , or rather to the developers who are still part of it.

The same fate will not touch Ridge Racer 8, which now seems to have been permanently cancelled . The YouTuber Doctre81 compared the information on the LinkedIn profile of a developer who had worked at the Namco studio in Singapore. The information shows the participation in two projects never announced and canceled that used the UE4 graphic engine. Along with Ace Combat 7, the other two were an adventure-type first-person shooter and a basically arcade racing game .

In this way, everything seems to indicate that Bandai would have canceled two projects before they had been officially announced, which leaves, luckily, out of the equation to Metroid Prime 4 , which long ago confirmed having restarted its development and for the moment I would go on. Both canceled projects were being developed under the Unreal Engine 4 engine . For the moment, it will be necessary to remain vigilant in case it is confirmed to which two titles these cancellations belong.

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