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The founder of The Game Awards says Joker’s announcement for Smash Bros. ultimate surprised him



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Geoff Keighley is the founder of The Game Awards and the moderator of the annual, prestigious event. Every year the show unveils numerous “world premieres” and Nintendo has also featured exciting new trailers and announcements in the past, including the first gameplay footage on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild at The Game Awards 2014. This year’s The Game awards show already takes place in less than two weeks instead and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a Nintendo game for the “game of the Year Award” nomination.

Geoff Keighley was asked which reaction to a world premiere is the most memorable for him so far – his video answer to this question should be remembered by every Nintendo fan:

Moderator Geoff Keighley explained his opinion about Joker’s announcement in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as follows:

The fact that Joker would be in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was pretty exciting as last year nobody expected it. What I loved about this announcement was the fact that you saw persona stuff at the The Game Awards show and did not necessarily point to Nintendo. People thought, “Ohh, maybe it’s for the PlayStation or something,” so the announcement was perfect for our show. If this were shown on a Nintendo Direct, then people would think that Persona would come for the Nintendo Switch, or that this might even be Super Smash Bros. Ultimate-related. But on our show, no one had any idea where this trailer came from, so the shock of the letter and the twist with the Smash Bros. logo on the envelope was golden and it was just such a great moment.

Keighley’s memorable audience response at The Game Awards 2018 is reflected in this YouTube video of a visitor to the show:

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