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Saints Row: How to Get MDI – 7078



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Saints Row has many cool vehicles in the game like supercars, tanks, flying bikes, etc. These vehicles can be gotten after completing the story missions or finding them on your map and then brought back to your garage and storing them to make them your own. There is a bike that you can get for free and that bike is like a hovering bike and you can also shoot through it.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get MDI – 7078 in Saints Row.

How to Get MDI – 7078

MDI – 7078 is a hovering bike that lets jump high in the air as well as let you shoot through it. It is super fun and you can shoot enemies while riding the bike. You’ll be able to get these advanced vehicles in the game as you play through the main story and level up your character but you can also get this early in the game. As the game only requires you to store the vehicle in your garage to make it your own so all you have to do is find the bike and store it in your garage.

There is a spawn location of MDI – 7078 on the world map from where you can get this bike. We really don’t know if this bike spawns every time on this location but it definitely spawns at night time on the location. The spawn location of this bike is in the Badlands North region. If you cross the Badlands South region and go to the North region, the spawn location is at the start of the North region where is a Lookout Tower and a couple of buildings.

Go to the backside of the buildings and you’ll see a Helicopter and right next to the Helicopter, there’ll be a bike and two guards guarding it. You can kill the guards take the bike and store it in the near garage to make it your own. If the bike is not there, you can take the Helicopter and just fly high, it will reset the spawns and when you come down straight hopefully, the bike will be spawned along with the helicopter.

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