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Saints Row(2022): How to Customize Character



Saints Row(2022): How to Customize Character

Saints Row is an open-world game with a lot of activities and the Saints Row franchise has always allowed its players to customize their characters according to their liking. Just like the previous Saints Row games, the Saints Row (2022) has an option to customize your character anywhere on the game map.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to customize your character in Saints Row.

Customizing Character

In the older version of Saints Row, players would have to go to their save houses and use the Wardrobe to change the appearance of their characters but in Saints Row, players can change their characters’ appearances anywhere they want on the map. The Saints Row’s new feature of accessing the menu through a cellphone made a lot of things easier and players would be able to customize their characters as well through an app called Style.

In order to customize the character, players will need to open the cellphone menu and select the Style app. The style app offers a vast amount of customization for the character. Players can customize the Face, Body, Hairstyles, Voice, Outfits, Emotes, and Modesty of their characters through the Style application. They can remake their character as they did at the start of the game. So, if any players didn’t like the body or skin of their character, they can change it at any time. The changing that players would make can also be saved as a Template and then players can access that template at any time by accessing the presets in the application. So, players can make multiple templates and then equip them at on anytime they want.

Saints Row(2022): How to Customize Character

The Bosses tab of Style will also have the community template as well and players can equip them as well. Saints Row community is pretty big and they do have some interesting templates for the characters like Thanos, Shrek, and much more. If any player wants to have fun by changing into a superhero or supervillain template then they can do that as well.

The Outfits will let you change the clothes on the Head, Upper, Lower, foot, and Full Body. You can equip the clothes the way you like and even create your own fashion. If you don’t have the latest clothes then you can buy the clothes from the clothing stores on the map. Each clothing store has different clothes and fashions. The clothing stores are marked with Green Shirt icons on the map. Buying the clothes from the store will be saved and then you can change them later through the Style app.

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