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Soul Hackers 2: How to Defeat Kaburagi



Soul Hackers 2: How to Defeat Kaburagi

The first main boss of Soul Hackers 2 is kaburagi and you’ll need to defeat him in the Central Line main quest. As Kaburagi is pretty challenging, we have made perfect preparations for the fight that’ll help you as well in the battle against him.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Kaburagi in Soul Hackers 2.

Defeating kaburagi

Kaburagi is a summoner just like you and in the battle, he’ll have two allies with him. His allies are Genma Kurama Tengu and Femme Leanan Sidhe. You’ll have to fight all three of them at the same time and all of them have their weaknesses as well which we’ll encounter in this fight to deal max damage.

Femme Leanan Sidhe has an ability named Lullaby which will put our characters to sleep and it is very annoying. In order to prevent this, you need to buy the Lavender Cape for 18000 Yen or you can equip a demon that automatically repents the sleeping effect. You’ll also need to have a skill or summon that automatically resists lightning is also very useful in this fight because Electric is Kaburagi element.

Kaburagi weaknesses are among the ice elements so, it will be very useful to bring Mabufu skill into play with Arrow. Femme has a weakness among the fire elements so, you can use the Agi skill to deal max damage to her with Milady. Genma has a weakness among the lightning elements so, you can use the Mazio skill with Ringo to deal max damage to him. Sazio can use the Dia or Media skills to heal himself or the whole party in the fight when they are hurt. All of these skills will deal damage to others as well like Agi and Mazio will deal damage to all three of them when used.

For the Augments, put the highest level of augments with the corresponding Comps, meaning frost augment for frost Comp character, fire augments for fire Comp, lightning augments for lightning comp, and healing augments for healer comp.

Femme will protect Kaburagi in the fight by removing his weaknesses and the first main focus of your will be to hit the weaknesses of all three and then attack Femme to remove her from the fight so you can defeat Kaburagi without getting his weaknesses removed. Once she is gone, you need to hit Kaburagi with the ice skills to deal max damage. After a couple of turns, Femme will return, and then you have to repeat the process of removing her as soon as possible so you can deal more damage to Kaburagi.

If you see Kaburagi charging an attack, it means Kaburagi will be doing execution on the next turn, and make sure all of your characters are blocking because it will take 3 quarters of your character’s health. If any character is low on HP use the healing to get healed and block the next turn. Genma will die pretty easily and you’ll have to face only two enemies after a few turns. Just keep removing Femme from the fight so you can deal more damage to Kaburagi to defeat him.

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