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Soul Hackers 2: The Gunsmith Request Walkthrough



Soul Hackers 2: The Gunsmith Request Walkthrough

In Soul Hackers 2, players will get a Request named “The Gunsmith” from Madam Ginko at Cretaceous in which they’ll have to help Tatara in her work. Tatara is the owner of Comp Smith and this request will unlock new items for players in the shop.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete The Gunsmith Request in Soul Hackers 2.

The Gunsmith

After accepting the request of Ginko, open the City Map and select the Comp Smith area. Go inside the shop and select the Talk option with Tatara. Tatara will upgrade your Comp and tell you to defeat 3 Qing Long enemies with Fire so, she can collect Combat Data. After the dialogues, come out of the shop and you need to go to the Central Line area which is the territory of Qing Long enemies. You can see the territories of every enemy by opening the menu and selecting the Enemies option. You can select any enemy from the list and it’ll show you the skills of the enemy and its territory.

Qing Long enemies will be in the upper area so you can interact with the map sign of the dungeon and select Southwest Path in Upper Area. You’ll teleport to that path, and you’ll need to look for the red holographic enemy. When you see the enemy, just attach it to start the fight. There’ll be 1 Qing Long enemy and other regular enemies. You need to defeat the Qing Long enemy with the Fire element. You can deal damage to it with other elements but make sure to finish it with the Fire element. The fire element is expressed with the Red symbol so, when Qing Long is low on HP, use the fire element to defeat it. After defeating the Qing Long enemy, you’ll need to find two more in the same area and defeat them as well.

After defeating all 3 Qing Longs with the Fire element, you need to return to the Comp Smith and Talk with Tatara. After the dialogues, the Request will be completed and new upgrades will be unlocked in the store.

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