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Soul Hackers 2: Mystiques & Affinities



Soul Hackers 2: Mystiques & Affinities

Soul Hackers 2 has simple combat mechanics but to upgrade your all four characters and their skills will be a little complex for the new players as they progress in the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you what are Mystiques & Affinities in Soul Hackers 2.

Mystiques & Affinities

Enhancing your party members or Ringo is pretty straightforward forward but it does require a little knowledge about things that enhance the stats of the character. To upgrade the Comp of characters, you’ll have to visit the Comp Smith where you’ll be able to increase the attack power, teach special skills, enhance elemental affinities, and gain more mystique slots.

The elemental affinities affect the mystiques you can equip. Mystiques are like accessories that can enhance your existing skills by doing things like increasing their damage or reducing their costs but you’ll need to meet their rank requirements before you can equip them. You can get these mystiques by getting the demons to a high enough level where they’ll give their mystiques to you or you can even buy the Mystiques from a shop and you can even sell the unwanted mystiques in the same shop.

As there are five major elements in the game, mystiques revolve around these accessories. Fire, Ice, Electric, Force, and Poison have different Augments levels which will determine how powerful is the mystique and in order to equip a specific mystique, you’ll need a strong affinity as well to wield it. You can also increase the affinity level if you have a lower affinity. You can increase it by going to Comp Smith and buying the upgrade that’ll increase the affinity. The affinity tiers are expressed with the letters A, B, C, and D. When you upgrade the affinity, the letter will change so A and B are considered as high tiers so you must have these ranks for the stronger Mystiques in the corresponding elements.

Soul Hackers 2: Mystiques & Affinities

By equipping the mystiques, you’ll increase the damage of the equipped element so, if you have a fire augment then your character will deal more damage with fire and vice versa with other elements.

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