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Saints Row: Best Items & Upgrades that You Can Get Early



Saints Row: Best Items & Upgrades that You Can Get Early

Saints Row is out now and it is super fun with the gadgets, supercars, insane weapons, and combat. It’s an open-world action game and a lot of people will be familiar with this game due to a playstyle like the GTA series but Saints Row has its own experience due to cool gadgets and cosmetics that players can equip during their gameplay.

In this guide, we’ll tell you the upgrades & items that you can get early in the game.

Super Cars

Players would be able to store any vehicles in their garage and make their own but there are 2 special supercars that you can get early in the game. You just have to drive them to your garage to store them.

Super Cars


One of the Supercars that you can get early is the Attrazione. The Attrazione tuned-up version can be found near the Saints HQ in the Marina West parking lot area. This car is a part of Jim Rod’s challenge but you can get it before completing the challenge or after the challenge. This car is already tuned up and it also comes with Nitrous so, you don’t have to spend money on nitrous. You can also unlock the infinite Nitrous for this car by completing a challenge. You just have to use the full bar of Nitrous without any interruption 3 times and the infinite Nitrous will be unlocked for this vehicle.

Fer De Lance

The other supercar that you can get early and also a part of Jim Rod’s challenge is Fer De Lance. This car spawns in the Monte Vista region near the Villa cliff side. This car has a special ability named Jump and it will let you jump over multiple cars or obstacles while driving. This car also has more tuned options than the Attrazione. It is a really good option to get early in the game and store it in your garage to make it your own.


Perks give a passive bonus to your character and you can unlock new perks by completing a single challenge as a requirement then the perk will be bought with the money. Perks can be seen on your phone in the Perks App and you can equip new or buy the perks in the app. There are three types of Perks that you can equip. Minor, Major, and Elite. You can equip 2 perks in Minor, 2 in Major, and 1 in the Elite section and all of these perks will give you a passive bonus during your gameplay.


Minor Perks

The two Minor Perks that are really powerful in the beginning and you want to get are the following.

  • In the Flow: Your character will never lose a flow except when you perform a Skill.
  • Dead Eye: After you get a headshot kill, reload speed increases.

Major Perks

The two Major Perks that are really powerful in the beginning and you want to get are the following.

  • Fast Learner: You receive a bonus on XP earned.
  • Full Contact: Reduce the cooldown of your takedown when you kick an enemy then kill them.

Elite Perk

The Elite perk that is really powerful in the beginning and you want to get is the following.

  • Saving Throw: Gain 2 Health Bars when your health is depleted. This Perk has a cooldown.


Skills are the abilities that your character can perform and there is a total of 4 skills that you can equip at a time. You can set your skills on the key bind that you like from 1 to 4 and use them quickly. The skills are level based so when you level up, you’ll unlock the skills gradually. If you have the Fast Learner Perk equipped then you’ll get more XP and you’ll be able to level up faster and unlock skills quickly.


One particular skill that you should buy is the Pineapple Express. This skill is unlocked at level 2 so it is pretty early, this skill is very useful for doing AOE damage and you can deal damage to the shielded enemies as well. This skill will let you grab an enemy and drop a grenade in their pants and throw them away in the direction you are facing. The enemy will explode and deal damage to its surrounding as well.


There are some really powerful weapons in Saints Row and one of these weapons there is an SMG that you can get for free without buying it from the Gun Shop. The SMG that you can get for free is D4th Blossom SMG from completing the Riding Shotgun first challenge in the East Providencia area of the map. When you start the challenge, you’ll have the SMG and after completing the challenge, the SMG will be yours but if you go to the Gun Shop, it’ll still tell you to buy it for 50k but you don’t have to as you already got it from the challenge.

Saints Row: Best Items & Upgrades that You Can Get Early

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