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Tower of Fantasy: How to Defog Central Region



Tower of Fantasy: How to Defog Central Region

The Tower of Fantasy has several regions and in between those regions, there is a small area of the map that is fogged. Players can go inside this area but they didn’t get to see the locations and names of this location when they open the map.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defog the central region in Tower of Fantasy.

How to Defog Central Region

In order to defog the central region, you’re going to want to upgrade your suppressor levels and increase your Character Score up to 18,000. You need to upgrade the suppressor and reach Level 5 to unlock the Amplifier. Once you’ve got the Amplifier and the required Character Score, you’ll be able to get the map from “Brian”.

Teleport to the Northern Mountains Spacerift and go forward in the direction of the central region. Go down from the cliff and open your Jet Pack to keep moving down. Go in the left direction and soon you’ll see a robot standing in front of a metal door. The robot’s name is Brian and you need to interact with Brian. It’ll check your progression and if the requirements are fulfilled, you’ll get the option to retrieve the map of Aesperia Tower of Fantasy. After getting the map, the area on the map will be defogged and you’ll be able to see the location’s names on the map.

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