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Tower of Fantasy: How to unlock Monocross Vehicle



Tower of Fantasy: How to unlock Monocross Vehicle

In Tower of Fantasy, there are various Mounts that you can unlock by collecting their different parts or by progressing through the quests of the world. Mounts or Vehicles are very useful because you don’t have to explore the world on foot, you can hop on your ride and go where ever you want.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock the Monocross vehicle in Tower of Fantasy.

Unlocking Monocross

In order to unlock Monocross, you have to collect all the four parts of Monocross. You can get these parts while exploring. The four parts that you need to collect are the following.

  • Unicorn Power Core
  • Unicorn Bionic Frame
  • Unicorn Cyberlimbs
  • Unicorn Head

Unicorn Power Core

For the Unicorn Power Core, you need to make a Fiddlehead Pie with Fiddlehead and Brown Rice. After you’ve cooked the Fiddlehead pie, you need to get the Shiny Residue near the Crown Mines area. There’ll be big shiny crystals and you just need to go close and interact with them to get one. After getting both of the requirements, you need to go to talk with Stoker. Stoker is in Area 4 near the Goldrush Mountain. You’d need to climb up a big wall and jump inside the gap to reach Stoker. Talk to him and give him the Shiny Residue and then the Fiddlehead Pie. He’ll give you an Ore Extract in return.

Now, return to the place where you get the residue from and set the devices in the correct gear. The device on the left most, put the device in 2nd gear, the device in the middle, put the device in 1st gear, and the device on the rightmost, put the device in 3rd gear. The devices will power up and break the shiny wall then interact with the Ore Chunk to get the Unicorn Power Core.

Unicorn Bionic Frame

You can find the Unicorn Bionic Frame at the end of the Dungeon at the Top of the Warren Area. Climb up to the structure and use “7-0-10% off – 2” for the password and enter the dungeon. Go to the end of the dungeon and there’ll be a Special Supply Pod from which you’ll get the Unicorn Bionic Frame.

Unicorn Cyberlimbs

You’ll find Unicorn Cyberlimbs in a Type II Supply Pod in the Warren region. The supply pod will be on top of a tower and interact with the supply pod to get the Unicorn Cberlimbs. The Supply Pod’s exact coordinates are (943.2, and 403.4).

Unicorn Head

In order to get the Unicorn Head part, you’d need to defeat the Devotee-type enemies. These enemies have a low chance of dropping this part but if you find them and kill them, you might get lucky and get the part.

After collecting all four parts of Monocross, open the Vehicles tab and select Monocross, click on the Unlock button to unlock the Monocross.

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