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Tower of Fantasy: How To Maximize Damage



Tower of Fantasy: How To Maximize Damage

Tower of Fantasy is an MMORPG in which you’ll fight various enemies and some enemies are tough and harder to defeat due to low damage output. There are different things in the game that you need to upgrade or equip in order to enhance or maximize your damage output so that you’ll be able to kill the world bosses easily.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Maximize Damage in the Tower of Fantasy.

How to Maximize Damage

In order to increase the damage, the main thing that almost every player will think about is to upgrade their weapons to increase the damage but there are other things as well in this game that’ll increase your damage and we’ll go over those things one by one.


You want to upgrade your weapons to the point where you need to augment and then spend those rare resources to break through and gain access to another 10 levels. After upgrading the weapons, you need to advance them to increase the damage output of your weapon. Advancing the SSR or even SR weapons is very effective and you can get a lot of damage boost or give a damage boost to your party.


The Matrices are the weapons Data chips that you can add to your weapons to further increase their damage output. There are different Matrices for each weapon and Data Chips also have low tier and high tier so, for the SR weapons you need to insert the SR Matrices and for SSR weapons, you need to put SSR Matrices. You can get the SSR Matrices by defeating the world bosses or even by getting the banners.


These two are the main things for increasing the damage output but there are also other systems as well that you can use to boost your damage output.


The suppressor is basically the primary stats of your character and it increases the score of your character as you level up. You’re also going to need to upgrade the Suppressor with Potent Omnium Crystals and on each upgrade of your suppressor, your character stats will go up. You’ll see the increase in Health, Attack, Crit, and Resistance of your character. Every time you fully upgrade a suppressor, you’ll get a weapon matrix as well to use with your weapon so, you’ll get a lot of benefits from upgrading the Suppressor.


You can also increase your damage output through your gear. You’ll have 10 slots with various pieces of armor that you can equip but also enhance. The armor pieces have their own base stats which are always the same but they also roll with random stats. So, what you want to do is get the Attack and Crit stats to increase the Damage Output. The enhancing of the gear pieces will increase the base stat of that slot, so if you change the gear in the future, you’ll still have the enhanced stats of that slot.

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You can also increase the permanent Damage output by investing in a character to unlock their passives. You can invest gifts in any character and it will unlock Awakening Traits that will increase the attack, healing, or support stats even further of that character.

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