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Tower of Fantasy: How to Unlock Omnium Beast VII Vehicle



Tower of Fantasy: How to Unlock Omnium Beast VII Vehicle

In Tower of Fantasy, there are various Mounts that you can unlock by collecting their different parts or by progressing through the quests of the world. Mounts or Vehicles are very useful because you don’t have to explore the world on foot, you can hop on your ride and go where ever you want.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock the Omnium Beast VII vehicle in Tower of Fantasy.

Unlocking Omnium Beast VII

In order to unlock Omnium Beast VII, you have to collect all three parts of Omnium Beast VII. You can get these parts while exploring. The parts that you need to collect are the following.

  • Omnium Beast: Cockpit
  • Omnium Beast: Left Arm
  • Omnium Beast: Right Arm

Omnium Beast: Cockpit

You need to go to the western island in the Banges. Use the Jet pack or swim to the island. As you get to the island, you’ll see a structure in the water ahead of the island. Go to the structure and there’ll be a Hyena Guard on the structure. Talk to the guard and choose the bottom options to proceed. The guard will give you a quest named “Hyena’s Banges Base”. From there, you want to go to the Banges Dock and talk to a robot name Lozwall. After talking to Lozwall, come back to the Hyena Guard and talk to him and use the bottom options again. You’ll get access to that structure and you need to get on top of the structure and you’ll find a special supply pod from which you’ll get the Omnium Beast: Cockpit.

Omnium Beast: Left Arm

You can find Omnium Beast: Left Arm in the Supply pod on the southern side in Banges region. You need to go to the HT201 Shelter and you’ll see a supply pod locked inside a chamber and you’ll need a password to unlock the chamber. Use “1647” as a password to unlock the chamber.

Omnium Beast: Right Arm

In order to get the Omnium Beast: Right Arm part, you’d need to defeat the Behemoth-type enemies. These big enemies have a low chance of dropping this part but if you find them and kill them, you might get lucky and get the part. The Behemoth spawns in three different locations in Banges region.

  • On the southern side of Banges region is near the HT201 Shelter.
  • On the eastern side of Banges region. Go east from the Banges Dock location and you’ll see the enemy spawn location.
  • Near the Seventh Day Forest area. You can find this enemy south of the Seventh Day Forest.

After collecting all three parts of Omnium Beast VII, open the Vehicles tab and select Omnium Beast VII, click on the Unlock button to unlock the Omnium Beast VII.

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